Ruth  Nabimanya

Ruth Nabimanya


Which Database Is Right For You? HarperDB vs. MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL

Many people learn or understand new things relative to things they already know. This makes sense; it’s probably a natural instinct. When it comes to products and technology, a lot of people ask “how are you different,” but different from what? You need some sort of baseline to start from, so you can say, “Similar to X, but different because of Y.” Because of this, comparisons, competitive analysis, and feature matrices are a great way to understand which technology solutions are right for you. So today, let’s do a comparison of three different database systems.

In most cases, it’s not that one database is better than the other, it’s that one is a better fit for a specific use case due to numerous factors. The point of this article is not to determine which database is the best but to help uncover the factors to consider when selecting a database for your specific project.

With MongoDB and PostgreSQL being two of the most popular tools out there, you may already know that there are tons of resources comparing the two. However, with HarperDB being a net new database, I thought it might be helpful to throw it in the mix to provide further clarity.

Referring to my database architecture overview post: It’s important to understand things such as data type/structure, data volume, consistency, write & read frequency, hosting, cost, security, and integration constraints. That article provides a great high-level explanation across all different types of databases, but today we’ll get more specific.

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Which Database Is Right For You? HarperDB vs. MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL