CSV Splitter for Mac OS – Split CSV into Multiple Files on Mac OS X

CSV Splitter for Mac OS – Split CSV into Multiple Files on Mac OS X

MacUncle CSV Splitter for Mac OS to split CSV into multiple files on Mac OS locally. Divide large CSV files without making any modification to the resultant files.

Excel by Microsoft today is the most used by Professionals, Institutes, Individuals, etc. to make spreadsheets. Calculations, making tables, performing tasks becomes very easier with Excel, and thus many people prefer using it. Though you need some time to understand its functioning it gives a valuable output.

But people are facing issues regarding Excel most probably its size, the Excel spreadsheet is stored in CSV file format commonly known as Comma-Separated Values. Big Corporate, marginal businesses use it widely to store spreadsheets. But due to the huge size consumption of CSV files, people are looking for solutions to solve this problem immediately.

Therefore, we have come up with the most valuable way to solve your problem while you can easily Split CSV file into multiple files on Mac. But before moving on with the Solution, we would first highlight the reasons for splitting CSV files.

Why we need to Split CSV File into Multiple Files

Though Excel offers you a spreadsheet of 1048576-row limit, nearly about 1 million, this is attractive but what about the size? If you have a startup and its marketing strategy is generally focused on Email Marketing, then how can you send that huge Spreadsheet via email? • The huge size of the spreadsheet is the biggest problem. • Your local storage would soon be occupied by the Spreadsheets. • You can have the risk of losing your data in case of the oversized spreadsheet. • Sometimes, due to the oversize of the file there occurs an error while accessing the Spreadsheet. • You cannot share this much size of spreadsheet via Email.

Have a Smart and Direct approach to make your CSV file lighter. We have recommended a Wizard in this article which will help you to Split CSV file into multiple files on Mac easily in few moments.

Simple and Direct Solution

CSV Splitter for Mac by MacUncle is an efficient tool to split CSV file on Mac easily and effortlessly. You can also split one CSV file while if you have various files you can also go for batch splitting. The application offers you the flexibility to save your resultant files wherever you want. There is no limitation on the number of CSV files; you can split unlimited CSV files into multiple files. You also can preview the CSV file before splitting it into multiple files while the application comes with a 100% guarantee of safety and security. You can Split 25 CSV files for free, there are no fees charged by the application. Just download and install it.

Steps to Process the Wizard Rightly- Split CSV File into Multiple Files

This wizard allows easy and trouble-free splitting of CSV files in just a few steps without any delay and glitches. Here are the following steps to follow: -

  1. Start the software, MacUncle CSV Splitter on your System.
  2. Now add CSV file to the software using Add file (s) or Add folder (s) mode.
  3. Further, choose the checkbox “Does Source CSV file contain Column header” or “include a header in each split file”.
  4. Now select the number of rows per split.
  5. After clicking the Split button, the Splitting Process completes.
  6. The folder which saved your split CSV file automatically opens up. Finally, you are over with the Splitting process in only a few clicks.

Impressive Attributes of the Utility

There are perks of using the tool, so here are some of the marvelous advantages of using it: - • Quicker & Efficient: The application comes with quick processing speed; you can split various CSV files in just a few minutes. • Previewing: The software comes with the additional benefit of previewing your CSV files on the left side of the panel. • Batch & Selective Splitting: You can split a particular CSV file while you can also split multiple CSV files; there is no limit on the amount of the CSV file. • Flexible Destination location: You can store your resultant CSV files wherever you want.


The technique mentioned here is one of the best and reliable solution to Split CSV File into multiple files. We thus have recommended MacUncle CSV Splitter; this application supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. The application comes with a 100% guarantee of safety and security and doesn’t hamper your data. While the software comes with an additional benefit, which allows you to Split 25 CSV files for free. Users just have to download and install it.

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