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Lessie Fisher


Finance App UI Design - Speed Art Tutorial (Adobe XD)

Design App UI for Finance Management. App allow to add monthly transaction and show overall cashflow in top.

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Finance App UI Design - Speed Art Tutorial (Adobe XD)

Adobe XD plugin for Flutter with CodePen Tutorial

Recently Adobe XD releases a new version of the plugin that you can use to export designs directly into flutter widgets or screens. Yes, you read it right, now you can make and export your favorite design in Adobe XD and export all the design in the widget form or as a full-screen design, this can save you a lot of time required in designing.

What we will do?
I will make a simple design of a dialogue box with a card design with text over it as shown below. After you complete this exercise you can experiment with the UI. You can make your own components or import UI kits available with the Adobe XD.

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Designing Mobile Apps using the latest UI Design Principles

The mobile technology world is growing at the speed of light, and the apps have become an integral part of our daily life. We can now see an influx of technology with tools that can help create mobile apps. All of them are becoming more accessible and hence people are getting on their first app making journeys. Since the mobile app industry is getting bigger and better than ever, businesses from all corners of the world are trying to develop mobile apps for their operations and marketing. Designing a mobile app for businesses is the first step, though. Company owners are in charge of the basic look and feel of the designed product. With a brilliant mobile app design, one can establish a relationship between app and user very well.

Read Blog Here: https://www.indianappdevelopers.com/blog/designing-mobile-apps-using-latest-ui-design-principles/

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UI/UX Design Principles: Guide to Perfect App Designing Process - TopDevelopers.co

Following the app design process and UI/UX design principles rightly guide UI/UX designers to purvey app designs that help in developing efficient mobile apps.
In this article, we will discuss a perfect app designing process that will help you build a mobile app with a great design that attracts the targeted audience and increases user engagement, hence boosting the conversion rate for an app.

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UI/UX App Design Company

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading UI/UX mobile app design company in the USA. We create dynamic, creative & professional UI/UX mobile app design for your business.

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Vicky  Graham

Vicky Graham


Mask Shop Mobile App UI Design made with Adobe XD | Speed Art | Simple | Clean | UI

Regards to all Coders out there.
In last video, we saw how to create this UI with FLUTTER.
But to showcase your app to your audience in an interactive manner, you may need to create promos or presentations for better impression.
I too make the promos for my videos which I hope you like it.
so let me show you how I make them in Adobe XD
Coding is the most important part for app development but also you might have heard that “what people see is what they buy” or “The First impression is the last impression” so to make the first impression of your app memorable, we must make our UI of the app as beautiful and simple as possible.
But, how do we do that? by taking inspirations from the pro UI/UX designers ofc.
I am not a UI/UX expert but people out there are so why not utilize their knowledge and

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