Any reason not to pass request / response as a parameter?

In express I have a handler for a route ex:

router.get(`${api}/path/:params/entrypoint`, routeHandler);

In this example 'routeHandler' function has a lot of logic doing various things. I'd like to break 'routeHandler' into smaller methods to ease readability and testability. So instead of:

routeHandler(req, res) {
    //many lines of code

We could have:

routeHandler(req, res) {
    helperOne(req, res);
    helperTwo(req, res);

helperOne(req, res) {
//do stuff

helper2(req, res) {
//do stuff

I am being told not to do this by a coworker who is pretty senior, but I do not understand why. Does anyone know of any issues that can arise by passing the response or request objects into helpers? I can not think of any and google isn’t revealing any clear answer.


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Yes you may run into some problems when passing those parameters, especially res. For example you may res.send multiple times (one in each function) which will raise an exception.


A more concrete example is this

routeHandler((req, res) => {
    helperOne(req, res);
    helperTwo(req, res);

Based on some conditions, I want to stop and return an error from helperOne and not go execute any code from helperTwo. My definitions of these functions are like this

helperOne = (req, res) => {
    const dataPoint = req.body.dataPoint; // a number for example
    if (number > 10) {
        return res.send("This is not valid. Stopping here...");
    } else {
        console.log("All good! Continue..");

helperTwo = (req, res) => {
    res.send("Response from helperTwo");

Then let’s say I do have req.body.dataPoint = 10, and I’m now expecting my routeHandler to stop after the return res.send in the first block of my if statement in helperOne.

This will not work as expected though, because the return will concern only helperOne which is the returning function. In other terms it won’t propagate to routeHandler.

In the end an exception will be raised because routeHandler will call helperTwo and try to send a response again.


  • Don’t send req or res. Just pass the data you need and handle the reponse in your mainhandler
  • An even better alternative is to use Express middlewares. Since you have multiple *“sequential”*handlers, you can chain multiple middlewares, which is closer to the standard Express.JS way
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Tyrique Littel


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What Is Responsive Web Design?

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Responsive Web Design is the design approach where you make sure that the web pages automatically adjust to the different view ports they are being accessed on. In simpler terms, it means making web pages that look great on all devices.

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