Any reason not to pass request / response as a parameter?

Any reason not to pass request / response as a parameter?

In express I have a handler for a route ex:

In express I have a handler for a route ex:

router.get(`${api}/path/:params/entrypoint`, routeHandler);

In this example 'routeHandler' function has a lot of logic doing various things. I'd like to break 'routeHandler' into smaller methods to ease readability and testability. So instead of:

routeHandler(req, res) {
    //many lines of code

We could have:

routeHandler(req, res) {
    helperOne(req, res);
    helperTwo(req, res);

helperOne(req, res) { //do stuff }

helper2(req, res) { //do stuff }

I am being told not to do this by a coworker who is pretty senior, but I do not understand why. Does anyone know of any issues that can arise by passing the response or request objects into helpers? I can not think of any and google isn't revealing any clear answer.


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