Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App #3: The Client-Side with React

Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App #3: The Client-Side with React

Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of Let’s Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App series! In the previous article, we have implemented all our GET…

Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of  Let’s Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App series! In the previous article, we have implemented all our GET, POST, PUT and DELETE routes in our server.

If you haven’t read the previous article, please find it here.

In this part, we will be working on our front-end with React to complete our MySQL CRUD app!

Step 1: Install npm packages

Install axios and cors to allow our app to make requests to the server. Install react-hook-form for easy form handling in React.

npm install axios cors react-hook-form

Step 2: Import cors

In server.js, include the import statement at the top to use cors.

const cors = require("cors");

Then, to use it, add this line below the const app line.


This will allow our client-side at localhost:3001 to be able to make requests to the server at port 3000. To understand more about CORS, feel free to read this article on  Introduction to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

Step 3: Read Reviews

In App.js, we want to get and display the reviews from MySQL for users to read. To do so, we first import the following:

import { useState, useEffect } from "react";
import axios from "axios";

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