7 Key Benefits of Adopting Scrum in RPA Projects

7 Key Benefits of Adopting Scrum in RPA Projects

7 Key Benefits of Adopting Scrum in RPA Projects. In this article, take a look at some benefits of adopting Scrum in RPA projects.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a process of automating Business Operations processes using software robots, wherein the processes being automated are repetitive in nature and are based on rules. RPA projects are slowly adopting Scrum Methodology for its benefits.

The length of an RPA project can vary anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, sometimes beyond that as well. Due to this varied duration of projects, we often think RPA projects cannot be benefitted by adopting an Agile Scrum methodology. But in basic nature, RPA projects are like complex web-development projects.

Similarities between RPA and Web-development projects:

  1. Requirement not fixed — In a web-development project, customers often do not have a complete future vision of the product. Their vision develops as the development progresses. This is quite the same as the RPA projects, where the customers do not have a complete vision of how the final automation process should run exactly. Sometimes the customers are new to the idea of an automated process, and in such cases, this requirement gap is more visible.
  2. Incremental delivery of functionalities — In an RPA project, the incremental delivery of an automated process is possible just as it is possible in a web development project.
  3. Development Lifecycle — The development lifecycle in both cases is almost similar. They both involve phases of requirement gathering, planning timelines, development, testing, UAT, live deployment, and post-deployment maintenance and support.

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