React Native - The Go-to Framework For Hybrid App Development

React Native - The Go-to Framework For Hybrid App Development

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Gone are the days when the mobile application development industry was dominated by native mobile applications. Today, businesses of all sizes are embracing hybrid mobile app development since it offers a host of benefits besides cost savings. If you are also planning to develop a mobile application for your business, but struggling to decide what framework you should opt for, this informative article is for you. Read on to this piece until the end to make an informed decision.

When it comes to hybrid mobile app development frameworks, you’ll be spoilt for choice, such as Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Apache Cordova, Framework 7, Native Scripts, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator Titanium, and many more. Indeed, the options are overwhelming and this may be the reason why many people get confused when it comes to choosing a framework for hybrid app development. Amid all the frameworks, React Native has been making strong headlines for all the good reasons. Launched by Facebook in 2015, this open-source framework has become the coveted choice for hybrid app development. Now, let’s dive into the reasons why you should also opt for react native development services in 2021.

#1 Code Reusability

Unlike native mobile app development, wherein, developers have to write a separate codebase for both iOS and Android app development, React Native allows developers to reutilize 90% of the codebase. In simple words, developers have to write the code once, and then they can use it everywhere. This not only cuts down the app development time but also reduces the application development cost. Besides this, you’ll get the same application look, consistency, functionality, and speed across all mobile platforms.

#2 Responsive UI

Unlike other hybrid app development frameworks, React Native primarily focuses on UI. It works more like a JS library than just a framework enabling a highly responsive and fast loading UI. This may be one of the reasons why industry giants including Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, Skype, Uber Eats, Bloomberg, Reddit, and more are using React Native in 2021. They don’t compromise with the UI and know that the key to success in the market is to provide a smooth UX that comes with React Native app development.

#3 Easy Compatibility with Third-Party Plugins

Another advantage of considering React Native over other hybrid app frameworks is that it doesn't require WebView to perform certain functions. The easy compatibility of react native with other third-party plugins facilitates a smooth experience irrespective of whether the application runs on an older OS. The smooth compatibility of third-party plugins with React Native also makes the development faster and utilizes less memory.

#4 On The Fly Updates

Unlike Apple's app store that has a time-intensive process for app approval. Every time you make some changes in your mobile application, you have to deal with the same time-consuming approval process. On the other hand, mobile applications developed using React Native don't have to go through this cumbersome process every time you roll out an update, irrespective of whether it’s minor or major. The reason being is this open-source framework is based on JS, which allows developers to release the updates on the go. The best part is that app users don't need to download the updated version of the application. Isn't that really cool?

Parting Thoughts

In the end, it's wise to say that React Native is the future of hybrid application development since it offers a host of benefits to businesses besides cost savings. Many experts believe that in the coming years, React Native will lead from the front. Hope, you won’t be in a conundrum next time when you have to choose the right framework for hybrid mobile app development.


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