GitHub Has Replaced ‘master’ with ‘main’

GitHub Has Replaced ‘master’ with ‘main’

GitHub has replaced ‘master’ with ‘main’. The Microsoft-owned coding site GitHub has dropped the term “master” from its systems on its service with a neutral term like “main”. GitHub used the term “master” for the primary version of a source code repository.

GitHub repositories are where developers and organizations store and synchronize their source code projects. Approximately, 50 million developers use GitHub around the world and it is indeed the most used version-control platform in the world.

By default, GitHub used the term “_master_” for the primary version of a source code repository. Developers used to make copies of the “_master_” on their computers into which they used to add their code, and then merge the changes back into the “_master_” repo.

On Oct. 1, 2020, any new repositories you create will use main as the default branch, instead of master

Nat Friedman, GitHub CEO

The company did exactly that. They changed the default branch from “master” to “main” from 1st October 2020. However, existing repositories that have “master” set as the default branch is left as is. This is due to the fact that renaming the existing master branch will cause problems but the company is investing in tools that will make it seamless for existing repositories to rename their default branch as the published by the company here.

The default branch of GitHub is “main”

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