A Guide To Asynchronous JavaScript

A Guide To Asynchronous JavaScript

JavaScript is a single-threaded language. That means, only one line of code can be executed at a time and all the codes are executed one after the other.

JavaScript is a single-threaded language. That means, only one line of code can be executed at a time and all the codes are executed one after the other.

But there are certain situations in which a line of code needs to fetch data from the database or any other APIs, which takes time. In these situations, the execution of subsequent line of codes will get blocked. They will only be executed after fetching the data. And this is not a good experience. So, to counter this situation, we have asynchronous codes in JavaScript. Asynchronous codes do not block the subsequent codes from getting executed. The request made inside the asynchronous code will be handled outside the scope of the single thread. Once the request has been completed, it will fire a callback function.

We can understand this concept with a very simple example.

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