Full Stack Development in 1 Twitter Thread

Full Stack Development in 1 Twitter Thread

In this tutorial, we will learn Full Stack Development in 1 Twitter Thread: End-to-End Steps for Turning Your Idea into Something Real.

People have ideas. Lots of ideas. But how often do they turn those ideas into something real? There is a distinct difference between what’s in our heads and what can be created.

Most people don’t build software. This includes many people on actual software teams. If you’re not coding now you see the creation of working software as someone else’s job. Perhaps you’ve wanted to start learning (or relearning) yourself but assume it takes too long, is too technically challenging or just not something that interests you.

Ideas typically live as drawings, post-its, mockups and “clickable apps”, all of which might capture ideas but are hardly validation of something workable. There is a transition point between one’s ideas and what nature allows to happen, and through that transition is where innovation actually happens. There is a beautiful correspondence between form and function that only a true piece of working software can expose.

There are no excuses left for someone not making software. No matter your interest, if you want to see your ideas come to life then you need to build software. Given today’s level of abstraction in tooling, full pieces of software can be created rapidly.

Software development isn’t about “programming” computers it’s about crafting something real, that interacts with people, and becomes part of the working economy.

I originally wrote this on Twitter in a single thread, to show how just how accessible it is for anyone to create end-to-end software applications.

There are many false gatekeepers to opportunity. The assumption that you need formal education, online courses or years of deep experience is patently false. Everyone has the ability to piece together their idea into something that actually works.

Let’s get started.


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