How to put an SVG into any application that uses HTML

How to put an SVG into any application that uses HTML

This blog exists because people keep asking me this question. This tutorial series will guide you through creating and further customizing this website using HTML.

Part of the Series: **[How To Build a Website With HTML**](

This tutorial series will guide you through creating and further customizing this website using HTML, the standard markup language used to display documents in a web browser. No prior coding experience is necessary but we recommend you start at the beginning of the series if you wish to recreate the site.

At the end of this series, you should have a website ready to deploy to the cloud and a basic familiarity with HTML. Having a knowledge of how to write HTML will provide a strong foundation for learning additional front-end web development skills, such as CSS and JavaScript.

A website footer is the final block of content at the bottom of a webpage. Footers can contain any type of HTML content, including text, images, and links. In this final tutorial of the series, we’ll create the following basic footer for our webpage using a <div> element:


To get started, paste the following code snippet after your closing </table> tag and before your closing </body> tag:

. . .
<div style="height:auto; background-color:#F7C201;">
<h1><Made with 🤍 at DigitalOcean</h1>
. . .

In this snippet, <!--Footer--> is a comment that will not be read by the browser and is used to help organize our html file for the purpose of human readability. Below this comment, we have

added a <div> container, specified its background color, and used the style attribute to set its height to automatically adjust to the content inside. We have also added text content and an emoji inside the <h1> element. Feel free to change this text content with a message and emoji of your choosing.

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