Angular 11 Swiper Image Touch Slider Example Tutorial

Angular 11 Swiper Image Touch Slider Example Tutorial

Angular 11 Swiper Mobile Touch Slider Integration Example. Angular 11 swiper image touch slider tutorial. Create Angular Project - Install Swiper Package - Add Swiper CSS - Register NgxUsefulSwiperModule in App Module - Implement Touch Content Slider - Add Dynamic Slides in Swiper - Start Angular Project.

Angular 11 swiper image touch slider tutorial; In this detailed guide, we will explain how to create a touch image/content slider or carousel in an angular app using the ngx-useful-swiper npm package.

The ngx-useful-swiper, aka Swiper, is sublime content or image slider used in modern platforms to create a cyclic view carousel. Not only angular, but it offers touch-based slider support in almost every modern platform, be it JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue or Svelte.

It offers top-notch features to empower carousel components; it doesn’t require any third-party jQuery or dependence; it is free and comes with full touch interaction support. It gives rich API support, enabling mutation observers to automatically reinitialize and recalculate essential parameters to handle dynamic updates through DOM. Most importantly, it is open-source and free to use.

Here are the complete list of Swiper features:

  • Library Agnostic
  • 1:1 Touch movement
  • Mutation Observer
  • Rich API
  • Full True RTL Support
  • Multi-Row Slides Layout
  • Transition Effects
  • Two-way Control
  • Full Navigation Control
  • Flexbox Layout
  • Most Flexible Slides Layout Grid
  • Parallax Transitions
  • Images Lazy Loading
  • Virtual Slides

Angular 11 Swiper Mobile Touch Slider Integration Example

Here are the instructions you require to follow to implement the Swiper carousel in the angular application from scratch.

  • Step 1: Create Angular Project
  • Step 2: Install Swiper Package
  • Step 3: Add Swiper CSS
  • Step 4: Register NgxUsefulSwiperModule in App Module
  • Step 5: Implement Touch Content Slider
  • Step 6: Add Dynamic Slides in Swiper
  • Step 7: Start Angular Project


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