Deploy a Golang Web Application Behind Nginx

Deploy a Golang Web Application Behind Nginx

Reverse Proxy with Nginx — In deployment, Nginx is often used as a load balancer or a reverse proxy to increase security. Deploy a self-hosted Go web application using Nginx as a reverse proxy. Deploy a Golang Web Application Behind Nginx.

We started last week strong with a  foray into Golang, where we created a simple web app serving a "Hello world" route. For those of you who were enticed by this deviation from our regular programming, the next logical question you might have could be how to make this knowledge "useful" by making it accessible by other human beings.

We're going to build on our Golang momentum from last week to do just that: deploy a web application written in Go to a Linux host such as Ubuntu. We're going to cover everything from installing Go, creating a systemctl service, and configuring Nginx. All you need is a VPS.


In case you haven't done so already, make sure your VPS has Nginx installed.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade -y
$ apt install nginx

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