Use Gist-paste to Save Text Files As GitHub Gists From The Command Line

Use Gist-paste to Save Text Files As GitHub Gists From The Command Line

Use gist-paste to Save Text Files as GitHub Gists From the Command Line. Now we can create gists from the command line! Note that in Ubuntu/Debian the gist command is renamed to gist-paste to avoid conflicts, if you are using a different system like MacOS just replace gist-paste for gist in the next snippet.

OMBD #7: A quick tip to save time on saving and sharing documents.

Welcome to issue #7 of O ne M inute B etter D eveloper, where you become a more successful software developer by reading short nuggets of knowledge, one minute at a time.


You are saving  Github Gists often but you spend too much time on their UI.


Let’s do it from our CLI!

  1. Install Gist following the  instructions for your system. In my case is Ubuntu so:
sudo apt install gist

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