How to Setup the Spring Cloud Config Server With Git

How to Setup the Spring Cloud Config Server With Git

How to Setup the Spring Cloud Config Server With Git. Spring cloud config server helps to manage all the application-specific properties from a single location e.g. Git without affecting the running microservices.

Spring cloud config server helps to manage all the application-specific properties from a single location without affecting the running microservices.

Companies are slowly adopting microservice over monolithic architecture to scale applications. Compared to monolithic, microservice architecture breaks applications into small, manageable services, i.e., microservices. That means one monolithic application can be converted to many microservices, and these services are developed and deployed independently. These services collaborate with each other to fulfill business objectives. Each microservice manages their own application-specific properties file, i.e., In most situations, multiple microservices and their multiple instances run together to fulfill the business needs. Any update in the properties file may require the redeployment and restart of services. Consider a situation where property updates need to be done on hundreds of services and their instance. This may require a considerable amount of downtime. 

To solve this problem, Spring Boot has provided a Spring configuration server. This will manage all service's properties files from a single point at runtime.

Advantage of Spring Cloud Config Server

  1. A centralized application that manages all the application related configuration properties and their versions.
  2. If there is any property change, only the centralized repository will be updated, and all the related services will receive the updated property changes without the microservice application redeploy or restart, i.e., application properties can be updated at runtime without redeploying or restarting microservices.
  3. Client-Server communication architecture, i.e., Spring Boot provides both client and server-specific components. Server manages all properties from the repository, while microservices act as a client to the server to consume properties.
  4. Secure access to the repository with encryption of the sensitive data. 
  5. Support to properties associated with multiple environments like development, staging, UAT, and production.

Spring Configuation Server services flowchart

This tutorial is helpful to develop a complete working example for a good understanding of concepts like: 

1. Repository (Store configuration).

2. Cloud config server (Read configuration from repository).

3. Cloud config client (Read configuration via Cloud Config Server).

4. Update configuration and trigger refresh event.

This tutorial will cover points 1 and 2. Another tutorial will follow to cover points 3 and 4. Let’s follow the tutorials with the basic assumption that Java8, Maven, and Eclipse are installed.

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