How to Develop a Successful App [for Dummies] | SpdLoad

How to Develop a Successful App [for Dummies] | SpdLoad

First-time founders will find out how to make a successful app: a set of actionable tips to build a value-focused app from ideation to launching stages.

Hear this, there are 1.96 million applications on the App Store and 2.87 million apps on the Google Play Store.

These applications are divided into 34 categories and the Games category has the highest share of applications on both platforms.

13.44% on Google Play Store and 21.86% on App Store.

From these statistics we can deduce three things:

  • There is cut-throat competition in the market
  • The idea you are thinking about right now may already be channelized
  • A lot of applications may be developed and deployed, but they are not used as desired

In this scenario, is it even possible to create a successful app, if yes, how to do so?

To launch a great and successful app, you need to follow a systematic pattern to develop and market your solution.

More importantly, focus on providing a solution to your end-users and not a service.

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