How Do I Download My Private Google Data? –

How Do I Download My Private Google Data? –

All the users know that Google tracks and collect data of their customer. But, very few people know that you can download your Google data. You can contact Microsoft Team via <a href=""><strong> the...

All the users know that Google tracks and collect data of their customer. But, very few people know that you can download your Google data. You can contact Microsoft Team via the office key for free download product.

Download Your Google Data By Using Google Takeout:

  • Select Data You Want to Download:
You need to log in to your Google account. Then, you should go to Google Takeout. After this, you should click on the menu Select data to include to expand it. Here, you should choose which services you want to export data from. But by default, all data is selected, and here there is a button just above the individual checkboxes which lets you Deselect all or Select all.

Now, for details about each service, you should click on the buttons just below that service. At this point, you should click on the Next Step button which is located at the bottom and then just choose the file type, frequency, and also the destination of your data export.

  • Choose your Delivery Method and Export Type:
Delivery method: In this, you will get a download link delivered through email or add your data to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.

Frequency: In this, you have to select to export your data all at once or in two-month increments over one year.

  • Set the Maximum Archive Size:
File type: In this, you have to choose to download your data in a zip file or in a tgz file.

File size: From the drop down menu, you have to choose how large you want your Google archive files to be. If the file is larger than the archive size then what you will select will be split into multiple files. www office com setup

  • Download and Save your Google Archive:
After selecting your file size and type, then you have to download your data. For this, first you have to click on the Create export button. Then the Export progress window will open. This will take some time to create your Google archive. Now, you should go back and then just select fewer or more services, and then you can cancel the export. Or here you can also perform a new export while the first one is being created. At this point, you will receive an email from Google which will notify you that an archive of Google data has been requested and then it will ask you to verify that you have made the request.

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But if you did not request your data, then might be something is missing and at that time, Google will cancel the request. In case, if you have make the request, then just click that button and look at the screen which says, “You’re all set!” It will also provide you the link so that you manage your Google data archives and this will takes you back to the Google Takeout page. If your archive is finished, then you will receive an email notification. Here, you should open that email, and click on Download archive and then just follow the instructions to access and also save the exported archive. At this point, you have to verify that it is you just by using your Google account password.

Now, your files are available to download for seven days. Bur after this, Google blocks access so that unknown person can’t download your data.

For assistance or support, you can call the expert of Microsoft team through the free download product key.

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