How to Lazy Load Images With Intersection Observer

How to Lazy Load Images With Intersection Observer

And save network requests and bandwidth

In today’s world, a significant amount of transferred bytes can be accounted for images. This means that we can gain the most on performance by optimizing them. Yet, most of the time these resources are kept hidden and not even seen by visitors. Offscreen images are requested, but before they are scrolled into view, users bounce off.

This is where lazy loading can help us. It defers the loading of offscreen images that are only requested once they are in the viewport. This way, we can save precious bytes, reduce page load times, and potentially save money for the visitor if they have a limited data plan. For this, we will use the Intersection Observer API, which provides a way for us to detect if our target element is intersecting with either other elements or the viewport.

How to Lazy Load Images With Intersection Observer

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