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Is It the Beginning of the End for PWAs?

Progressive web apps are changing the way we understand applications by providing an app-like experience in the web form. It was a way of describing applications that take advantage of new features supported by modern browsers, including service workers and web app manifests, and also lets users upgrade web apps to progressive web applications regardless of their native operating system.

But PWAs have been linked with several privacy concerns over the years. This had led to Apple blocking several PWA features on Safari.

Nevertheless, other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox had continued to support the development of PWAs immensely.

Recently, Mozilla had released Firefox 85 which was aimed at protecting against supercookies. This version also appears to have dropped support for an essential feature for desktop PWAs. Let’s have a look at what it is.

What Was Dropped?

Firefox is dropping an experimental feature that supports installing Progressive Web Apps to the desktop. This feature is known as Site Specific Browser — SSB.

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Is It the Beginning of the End for PWAs?

Helpful Code Generator for The README and Other Markdown Files


Helpful code generator for the README and other markdown files.


1. Install or update readme_helper:

flutter pub global activate readme_helper

2. Start using these "magical" comment commands:

Insert code example from external file:
<!-- #code path/to/file.dart -->

Create a table of contents based on used headlines:
<!-- #toc -->

This will include another markdown file:
<!-- #include path/to/ -->

3. Run readme_helper for current project:

flutter pub global run readme_helper

Table of Contents






A good documentation is the key in connecting package creators and developers.

Embedding code examples is essential, but they might deprecate over the time. This tool enables you to use external code files, the correctness is ensured by your IDE.

Additional tooling like markdown inclusion or table of contents generation, will help you save time.


The readme_helper is a Dart application, that can be installed or updated with:

flutter pub global activate readme_helper

You can run the readme_helper with:

flutter pub global run readme_helper

It will take care of all markdown files within the current directory and it's sub-directories.

Alternately you can process only a single file with:

flutter pub global run readme_helper path/to/


You can specify commands by using HTML comments in your markdown files. Each readme_helper command starts with a #:

<!-- #command argument -->

Code embedding

You can embed external files by defining the relative path to it.

<!-- #code path/to/code.dart -->

This will add a code block with the content of that file.

Scope comments

You can use comments to control the part of the external file shown.

import 'dart:math';

// #begin
class MyClass {
  // #skip
  int someMethod() {
    return Random().nextInt(1);
  // #resume

  String interestingMethod() {
    return 'Foo';
// #end

This will add the following code block:

class MyClass {

  String interestingMethod() {
    return 'Foo';


By indenting the // #begin scope comments, you can hint to remove leading whitespace.

class AnotherClass {
  // #begin
  int importantMethod() {
    return 42;
  // #end

This will add the following code block:

int importantMethod() {
  return 42;

Table of Contents generation

The readme_helper will scan all markdown headlines (## and ###) and generate a table of contents.

# project_name

<!-- #toc -->

## chapter a
### section 1
### section 2

## chapter b
### section 3
### section 4

This will create something like this:

Include markdown files

You can include parts from other files into the current markdown file, by using an include:

<!-- #include path/to/ -->

Generate line breaks

By default you can't have more then one new line. For esthetics you might want to extend this limit.

<!-- #space 2 -->

This will generate line breaks with &nbsp; characters.

Use this package as a library

Depend on it

Run this command:

With Dart:

 $ dart pub add readme_helper

With Flutter:

 $ flutter pub add readme_helper

This will add a line like this to your package's pubspec.yaml (and run an implicit dart pub get):

  readme_helper: ^0.1.1

Alternatively, your editor might support dart pub get or flutter pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:readme_helper/code.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/code_utils.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/include.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/lines.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/process_file.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/space.dart';
import 'package:readme_helper/toc.dart'; 

Download Details:

Author: felixblaschke

Source Code:

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Aarna Davis


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Front End Development Best Practices To Follow

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As someone from a non-tech background, you might not understand the complexities of front-end development. What we see on our mobile screens or PCs is a mere fragment of intricately woven code. But if you are looking forward to developing an application, you would have to dive in and know the scopes found in front-end development with the advent of new technologies, tools, and frameworks.

In this blog, we will help you understand the best practices of Front-end development and the burgeoning trends that would help you ensure the quality development of your digital products. Learn about the future of web development is here.

GUI Development Best Practices: UX And UI

Before you start the development work, it is essential to discuss the user experience and user interface of your product. The front-end of any software is the only thing that interacts with your users. Moreover, it is important that you make incredible contact with your users. It is not just about the smoothness; also about navigation; you have to make things as simple as possible for your users to interact with your product.

User Experience Vs. User Interface

Most people confuse user experience and user interface to be one and the same thing. But they cannot be more wrong. User experience and user interface work together; they are different components of your product’s front end? Here are a few things which they share and that differentiate them.

  1. User Experience
    Starting with UX, it is a term coined by Don Norman, and when he did that, he did not contextualize it to any kind of software product. It was used for multiple disciplines, including marketing, graphical & industrial design, interface, and engineering.
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    In software development, it focuses on building user-centric processes that optimize the user interaction with the product. The best practices of delivering a great user experience include; researching customer behavior, understanding the context in which the audience takes action, and creating a systematic vision for the target audience to reach its goal.Use your newfound knowledge to develop an actual graphic design. It needs to be analytical and action-provoking. A good UX designer would always understand the way a user interacts with your product.

  2. User Interface
    User experience helps you define the user interface design. It would include the components that make up the entire experience of the product. Additionally, it includes toggle, background, fonts, animation, and other graphical elements.
    This is image title
    If the user experience is about how the user interacts with your products, the user interface is about giving them the channels to interact with your product. So, the best practices of creating a rewarding user interface are; following brand style guidelines, intuitive design, support for various screen sizes, and effective implementation.

Front-End Development Best Practices: Design To Development

Once you are done with the design part, it is time to dive into development. The process includes turning the graphical assets into a functioning product. There are various approaches that the software community uses, but the most rewarding one is object-driven design and development as it improves the user experience tenfold.

The object-driven approach allows you to design graphical assets that follow the same design and pattern. Also, it allows you to translate the components for faster delivery and a cohesive UX and UI experience across products and platforms.

The design to development process allows you to build interfaces that include layouts, colors, typography, spacing, and more. Front-end development teams are required to work according to the guidelines of the target platform, and they must focus on the UI and UX peculiarities of product development. It is likely that you may face some temporary technical challenges during development and implementation.

It is a trend to automate the front-end development of software with Zeplin or Avocode. The tools ensure access to the updated design, accurate specs and automatically generate the code snippet that allows faster delivery. Learn about the right process of web development here.

  1. Frontend CSS Frameworks
    Depending on the project specification, a software development company would suggest you the right toolsets. The most popular front-end CSS frameworks are Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design; they are known for increasing the speed of development and come with ready-to-use components that make it easy to replace the manual code and comply with responsive web design standards.

Here is a list of popular front-end development technologies

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.JS
  • Knockout and Backbone

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sophia tondon


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Olivia Jones


Top 10 Front End Development Companies In 2021

Looking for a trustworthy front end development company? Read this blog to know the Top 10 Front End Development Companies in 2021.

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