Strategies for In-App Marketing of Casual Games

Strategies for In-App Marketing of Casual Games

Who did not try his hand at some simple casual games at the leisure hours? In fact, to immerse into a fun game playing experience at times, you do not need to be a diehard game lover.

From Angry Birds to Subway Surfers, instances of most successful casual games are numerous. They are easy to play, quick to savour a fun gaming experience while all that you need is to download the game for free.

A majority of studies and statistics show casual games are just not on the rise; eventually, they are supposed to be the mainstream of mobile gaming industry. As per the recent revelation of Statista in the first quarter of 2017 itself casual games were the most popular game genre for Android platform. They enjoyed more than 60% reach across mobile devices worldwide. Today, almost any mobile game development company find them central to their game publishing strategy. The best thing is people who are not so much into gaming even find these games enjoyable at times.

Creative Freemium Promotion

While casual games will always be relevant as far as knowing your game niche and competition is considered. Unlike hardcore gamers of strategy games, people like playing simple games for free, and that is precisely the reason casual games remain popular. So, a majority of the casual games come free while depending on premium upgrades or in-app purchases for monetisation. A blunt freemium approach is too common, and most game players just do not like being pestered about premium upgrades.

Until you can convince them about the distinct difference in game playing experience, they can't be lured for premium upgrades. So, promoting the premium upgrade from free game playing requires some creative approaches. You can push premium upgrades in numerous creative ways, but all of them may not be applicable for every casual game. Consider the following.

Offer them premium upgrade only when they face challenges with free game resources.
At the end of every game victory or accomplishment, remind them how the upgraded version can add more value to their experience.
Allow game players get a free upgrade to premium version by just inviting their friends and social contacts in gameplay.
Offer in-app gifts and free premium upgrades for each social contact or player upgrading to a premium version.
You can link in-app purchases with the premium upgrade. For resource-heavy games, it is a good option to allow a free upgrade to premium with a certain amount of in-app purchases.

A casual game boasts of the highest number of game players from all ages. Naturally, while developing a mobile game, you can target a wider game playing audience with casual games. But, casual games are also the most competitive game genre with thousands of titles groping for a pie of this billion dollar market. Wondering about how to ensure a higher discoverability and engagement for your game? Well, follow these killer marketing strategies for your casual game.

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