Jamison  Fisher

Jamison Fisher


An Interactive Dashboard for Airport Traffic

How busy are Norwegian airports? Data, Plotly, and Dash, can help us see.


Norway is geographically a large country compared to other European nations, especially when comparing landmass versus its inhabitants. Norway has industrial epicenters spread across the country. Many Norwegian companies often open new smaller offices to get the right people if they are unwilling to move or if there are enough people in that location to make economic sense. Moreover, a company‚Äôs location may be geographically divided when one company acquires another. Such factors have resulted in a lot of domestic airline travel. The publicly available dashboard described in this article aims to provide a visually pleasing and intuitive user experience with the tools needed to see the number of passengers for a given airport or comparing different airports depending on the type of traffic and date.


This article describes the data gathering and its preparation for usage in the design and implementation of an exploratory dashboard aimed at giving a clear picture of the domestic airport passenger flow in Norway for a given location or date

#plotly #dash #python #pandas #data-visualization

An Interactive Dashboard for Airport Traffic