Uber for Tow Trucks, On-Demand Roadside Assistance App, Towing App Like Uber

Uber for Tow Trucks, On-Demand Roadside Assistance App, Towing App Like Uber

Planning on catering to millions of roadside assistance requests? With the powerful Uber for Tow Trucks, you can do so seamlessly. Uberlikeapp’s custom-designed On-demand roadside assistance app connects service seekers with professionals hassle-free.

The most under-rated yet valuable service is roadside assistance. During a vehicle breakdown, the driver tries to repair the fault independently, but almost every time, the driver would need help from a mechanic for either towing or repairing. These unfortunate events happen anytime and to anyone. A digital solution in the form of a mobile app can benefit the helpless drivers

The building demand for digital roadside assistance like Uber For Tow Truck has opened viable opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups in the market. The tow truck app connects the drivers and service providers instantly with just a smart touch.

The On-Demand Roadside Assistance App can be customized to the owners' request. The tow truck app is power-packed with enterprise-grade features to offer the best user interface. Our towing app for the on-demand market is efficiently scalable and can be launched in no time. We provide support and maintenance for our prospects.

Let's dive into our remarkable features segment that makes our Uber For Tow Trucks app stand out and deliver the best business experience.

The top features that make our On-Demand Roadside Assistance App unique are given below.

Mask the call - when a user feels that a personal number needs privacy, the call masking feature can help them. The user's contact number is hidden upon switching this feature.

Viable work radius - admins can allot zones to the service provider or cancel service to certain areas. Admins also determine the prices of the services based on the location.

Request a service - users can request a service apart from the original assistance. This additional request is notified to the service provider via the app.

Admin intelligence - from within the admin panel, some features track the bookings of all the users. Admins follow the entire service in realtime. White-label app - our white-label apps are easy to launch and can be elegantly customized. White -label apps, as per the business needs, can choose the color, design, brand logo, and name.

The admin closely monitors service management - the registered vehicles and everyone. Admin panel categories the types of work and prices every fare of the service is offered.

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