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Tailwind CSS Buttons UI Kit

Tailwind CSS Buttons UI Kit

Tailwind CSS is a modern CSS framework that is for rapid UI development with awesome component and utility classes. So here we made simple Buttons UI Kit in Tailwind CSS with the help of utility classes.

In this kit, we only used the background color class which is already given in these beautiful CSS frameworks. Also, we used hover classes to make buttons more attractive and user-friendly. We also used rounded buttons and 3d buttons to make this UI kit more useful. Here we not modify any single class just we used background color utility classes. Also, you can modify and make your own class with custom colors.

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Tailwind CSS Buttons UI Kit

What is Tailwind CSS useful for?

Let’s talk Tailwind.css. It’s new, it’s customizable, it’s responsive, and a utility-first CSS framework, let’s try it out!

The beauty of Tailwind.css is that to use it is pretty simple. In good old basic CSS, you will declare classes and specifically code the design elements that will come from the class you’ve created(i.e. Font-family, color). In Tailwind, you also use class names, but different from classic CSS, you pull from a pre-created library of class names that you will have access to once you download Tailwind into your app. It’s a matter of understanding what class names you’ll need, and that is going to take a little searching on the Tailwind Docs Website search bar. Nothing like a handy search!

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Reggie  Hudson

Reggie Hudson


Learn Headless UI with React: Listbox Component (Tailwind CSS)

Using Headless UI in React, we easily create a react ready listbox component and then incorporate the Headless UI Transition component as well.

Headless UI Documentation: https://github.com/tailwindlabs/headlessui/blob/develop/packages/%40headlessui-react/README.md

📚 Library(s) needed:
npm install tailwindcss
npm install @headlessui/react

🖥️ Source code: https://devascend.com/github?link=https://github.com/DevAscend/YT-HeadlessUI-React-Tutorials

💡 Have a video request?
Suggest it in the Dev Ascend Discord community server or leave it in the comments below!

🕐 Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:34 Creating the Listbox component
05:45 Incorporating the Transition component

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Adam Jaco

Adam Jaco


Top 15 UI Kits for Web Developers

A good UI kit can go a long way in making you have a great time developing a website. Indeed, your work becomes more comfortable when you are using the right UI kit as a web developer.

Anyone in the field of creating websites will certainly is after top UI kits because he/she would want their project to perform smoothly. Furthermore, apart from your designs looking gorgeous, a good UI kit will save you from unnecessary time-wasting.

Most importantly, we have come up with top UI kits for web development in this article. Virtually all of the themes to be discussed on this page can help you to quickly design and create full websites.

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