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Debugging In Flutter

Flutter is an open-source User Interface SDK that is Software Development Kit. Flutter is an open-source project, and it is maintained by Google. Currently, in March 2021. Google has been released another new version of flutter that is Flutter 2. Flutter as a software development kit is great, but while building a big application it is evident that there will be some problems or bugs in the code which has to be debugged. Flutter provides multiple debugging tools such as timeline inspector, memory and performance inspector, and else. These tools ease up the debugging process for a developer, below are listed different tools for debugging flutter apps.

Hello friends, I will talk about my new blog on Debugging In Flutter. We will also implement a demo of the Debugging In Flutter, and describes its properties, and how to use them in your flutter applications. So let’s get started.

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Flutter Debugging

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Flutter Debugging :

Flutter has a wide range of devices and features to help debug applications. The following equipment and facilities are displayed.

  1. DevTools: DevTools for debugging app this may be the first tool. It is a suite of performance and profiling tools run on a browser.
  2. Logging: Logging view widget Inspector working in DevTools and also indirectly from the Android Studio & IntelliJ. The inspector allows checking the visual representation of widget trees.
  3. Debug flags: Debug Flags provides us with a variety of debug flags and functions to debug your app at various points. To use these features we need to compile in debug mode.

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Debugging In Flutter