How to Market Your App?

How to Market Your App?

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You've built your app, you know it's great, but do people know it's there or feel like they need it? To achieve this, the next step is to educate your target market, make the app available and popular, and encourage them to download it.

We have put together some ideas to promote your app successfully:

1. Reviews and word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best and cheapest promotions for your app, so if you find passionate users, ask them to recommend it to their friends. It's not easy to be successful, so another way to spread the news is to ask for a review on a tech blog or tech YouTube channel (paid or free), popular influencers rating your app and doing it awesome can make a difference.

2. Show it wherever you can

You probably already have a website and social media pages, so the next one doesn't need any additional cost. If a new app or website comes out, you will have to present it wherever you can (be careful not to disturb it too much): at the bottom (or even at the top) of your site, on the cover photo of your Facebook and Twitter page, in your bio on Instagram, at the bottom of your newsletter. Make sure that anyone who is interested in or following your services responds to your new app and start to be intrigued to try it out.

3. Create a presentation page for it

Connected to the previous point, it is even better if you create a separate overview page for your application, where all the necessary information can be found about it, download links included. It's always nice to read an app first, without having to go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for it, and with a captivating design, you can preview how the app looks.

4. Google and Apple Store ads

Free advertising options are the best, but sometimes you need to combine them with paid solutions to get the best results. We've written about targeted ads on Apple Ads before, and Google Play Store ads work in a similar fashion. By setting the right keywords, you can be sure that the ad will appear to your target audience with corresponding interests.

5. Video advertising on YouTube and Facebook

Again, it's not cheap, but if you target it well, it will work better than any print ad. Take the time (and money) to create an eye-catching video ad for your app, showing off its best features or showing it in use. It will stay in the minds of viewers, and the next time they see it in the App Store / Google Play Store, they will be able to download it. You can post it on YouTube as a video ad, as well as on Facebook as an alternative to your simple ads.

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