5 Benefits of Having an IoT-Enhanced Supply Chain

5 Benefits of Having an IoT-Enhanced Supply Chain

The logistics industry will increasingly rely on IoT devices to maintain the agile and data-driven approach that today’s businesses require.

As the world of commerce gets smarter, the logistics industry will increasingly rely on IoT devices to maintain the agile and data-driven approach that today’s businesses require.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to create a smarter and more connected world of commerce. With the increased importance of supply chains and warehousing to eCommerce and global trade, there’s never been a better time to consider adding IoT capabilities to your logistics facilities.

Here are five benefits that your supply chain can capture by implementing targeted IoT solutions. From real-time inventory tracking to the management of surety bonds and other paperwork, an IoT-enhanced supply chain can take your logistics operational capacities to the next level.

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*1) Real-Time Tracking: *Transparency and accountability are the foundations of a functional supply chain, and real-time tracking provides both. IoT devices such as GPS monitors can now track everything from a shipment’s location to its current temperature, providing up-to-the-minute facts that help logistics professionals truly understand how their supply chains operate.

Real-time tracking is particularly useful for high-value items and temperature-sensitive goods. Every stage of a shipment’s chain of custody can be mapped and verified through the use of IoT data and device check-ins. As just one example, IoT devices can automatically flag shipments that have left a safe temperature zone, helping to protect consumers from spoiled goods.

This allows accountability to be assigned in the right places and for targeted improvements to be made in the supply chain elements where they’re needed most. Increased transparency creates a virtuous cycle in which all stakeholders are both more cognizant of and more accountable for their responsibilities.

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