Overview of Incident Lifecycle in SRE

Overview of Incident Lifecycle in SRE

In this blog, let’s quantify all complexities of handling an incident in a well-structured format with an intent to help handle every incident effectively. Take a quick look at incident lifecycle in SRE.

As the saying goes, “Every problem we face is a blessing in disguise.” Along similar lines, every incident in system infrastructure helps product development & engineering teams understand better about the capabilities of system architecture. This can further help organizations in building a sustainable and reliable product. 

In this blog, let’s quantify all complexities of handling an incident in a well-structured format with an intent to help handle every incident effectively. 

What Is an Incident?

ITIL 2011 defines Incident as:

“An unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service or a failure of a Configuration Item that has not yet impacted an IT service [but has potential to do so]”

Clearly, in order to maintain acceptable service levels, it is important to resolve incidents and restore normal services as quickly as possible. 

What Is the Lifecycle of an Incident?

ITIL defines a standard lifecycle of an incident. While the actual activities that occur during each phase have changed over time, it is still a good starting point for a detailed description of incidents.


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