Automating Markup with Python and HTML5

Automating Markup with Python and HTML5

Working with HTML5 incredibly easy using raw Python in order to create web-friendly tables from dictionary data.


IPython notebooks have created a much-needed bridge between the fantastic world of Python, and the world of hyper-text markup. While before it was certainly possible to utilize certain features of markup with Python by utilizing things like web-pages, with the popularization of IPython notebooks and the IPython module, it has become a lot more common to see the two languages work together to accomplish some goal.

The great thing about markup is that in a way it is just a set of expressions that are parsed in order to indicate what its parser needs to display on the screen. This means that essentially any programming language can both create it, and decode it. Metaprogramming is a term that is attributed mostly to doing the same exact thing, but with expressions and evaluation, however I think that in a lot of ways, the act of combining a programming language with markup is very similar to metaprogramming.

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