Zelma  Gerlach

Zelma Gerlach


What is Cyber Range Training and Simulation in the Cloud?

Cyber range simulations help create resiliency by enabling companies in an actual situation to stress-test through Cloud computing. With tabletop drills or classroom instructors we need immersive funds to support situational awareness in a way that is very difficult to duplicate. Cloud Simulation contributes to experience on-the-ground and provides various advantages, including statistical information, input from real-time experts, and cross-functional coaching. There are potentially many challenges with the on-site classrooms based on several experts:

  • For learners and teachers, it’s difficult to arrange schedules.
  • There is no meaningful hands-on instruction in the classroom environment.
  • Companies that are expected to develop in the future will find it difficult to scale classrooms to accommodate new people.
  • Users do not always have the chance, since they live in the real world, to encounter cyber threats.
  • Information retention rates using conventional learning methods are lower.

cyber range training focusing on the cloud, allows individual cybersecurity researchers and teams to experience cyber-attacks in real life before they face them. Our cloud-based portfolio provides immediate access to real-world platforms and real-world security resources to help SOC teams and learners to combat and prepare for the imminent assault against real-world vulnerabilities.

Through entry-level to specialized, multi-stage attacks, you can select from a comprehensive catalog of virtual training scenarios. Train individuals or teams, from SOC administrators and red teams to data center specialists. The training simulations can be planned and matched with the expertise, skills, and abilities of the NICE Cybersecurity System for different positions.

Many security officials are uncertain of how our team can work under attack. You can’t anticipate if your company will be a target, but if you’re really prepared, you can predict how you might handle the situation. Below are five attributes of the best response teams after witnessing hundreds of scenarios across the front lines of an attack:

  • Tactical abilities
  • Dynamic applications
  • Intellect on threats
  • Thorough repair
  • Real-world learning

The well-trained team needs a plan to react to an attack quickly and secure the organization. Both IR personnel and business preparation benefit from orientation programs, so create faith in the IR resources by letting them to a trip to the cyber range with cloud simulation. Various situations to test the incident management with simulations of the cyber spectrum.

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What is Cyber Range Training and Simulation in the Cloud?