Udacity final project for React Native

Udacity final project for React Native

Udacity final project for React native. Project is to create a decks containing quizes. The user can then test themselves. In addition, they can schedule notifications reminding them to study. Utilizes React Native, expo, Redux, Async Storage and Notifications.

Udacity React Final Project

for React Native

Mobile FlashCards

Install / Run Process

You'll need a mobile emulator. For Android, that's either Android Studio or GenyMotion. I've used both and prefer GenyMotion, but it's about $150/year for a personal license.

From a command line terminal

1\. git clone <this repo>
2\. cd to the directory the app is in
3\. npm install
4\. npm start

Technology Used

React Redux [See this code example for model used] (https://codesandbox.io/s/todo-app-with-redux-forked-myztr) React Navigation Safe Area View - as recommended by React Navigation Redux and Async Logic

Directory Structure

/src - contains all the app code

/src/components - contains reusable components. CustomButton, Cards, ...

/src/features - organizes the pages by features, which are: decks, cards, quiz and notifications

/src/redux - contains all state management. Within this it's further divided into decks (src/redux/decks) and notifications (src/redux/notifications)

  • Othermiddleware used is Thunk /src/utils - the data primarily. Also includes the API for Async storage and the expo calls for removal of notifications.


The primary redux stores/actions/reducers are:

  • decks: The list of decks including the cards. The object has an "allIds" and a "byIds". The "allIds" contains an array of the deck ids. The "byIds" contains the full object details.
  • notifications: list of the notfications

The quiz execution is updated in the deck object properties.


This application in addition to using state uses Async storage. At application startup (in App.js) the decks and the notifications are loaded. The quiz statuses are not in Async storage.

Platforms Tested

This application has been tested for Android with GenyMotion


Converted CardAdd to a functional component

The application

Home - DeckList

View Deck

Add Card



Sometimes with this code, there may have been an easier way, but the intent of this project was to utilize a broad range of coding in react native. For instance, the notifications state could have mimicked the decks state with it's allIds & byIds. That would have been the easy way. It was decided to utilize a different but legitimate method for a greater understanding.

To reset the async storage, go to App.js and uncomment: // store.dispatch(removeDecks); // Used to initialize storage // store.dispatch(removeAllNotifications); // Used to initialize storage

After opening the app and letting it run, then comment it again

Download Details:

Author: resmith

Source Code: https://github.com/resmith/udacity-reactNative_proj_mobile-flashcards

react mobile-apps react-native react native

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