How to change git default branch from master

How to change git default branch from master

Change the default branch name from master to other. Recently, there are many suggestions about renaming the default branch master to some other name.

Recently, there are many suggestions about renaming the default branch *master *to some other name. This was mainly due to the master-slave metaphor.

There is evidence that states it was intended to mention master-copy **or master recording. **And it is not intended to be master-slave.

But I think it’s people’s perspective, and they should be empowered to make this change.

So let’s see how to change the default git branch master to default (you can use your preferred name)

Before starting I have to tell you that I have tried this in multiple repos and it’s working fine without any breaking changes. If you are not confident enough then fork your repo and try it first.


  1. Make sure your CI/CD flow doesn’t get interrupted.
  2. Make sure you have merged all the PRs targeting master. Other PRs are fine

There are three steps in renaming the default branch

  1. Change the branch name
  2. Set remote upstream tracking for the new branch
  3. Change the new branch name in repo host (Github, Gitlab)

Change the branch name

git branch -m master default

The above command just renames the default branch to the name default.

-m attribute is used to rename the branch name without affecting the branch’s history.

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Now the default branch is changed in the local but not in the remote.

Set remote upstream tracking for the new branch

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