How CoinDCX, a Cryptocurrency Development Company is ready for launch of Ethereum 2.0?

How CoinDCX, a Cryptocurrency Development Company is ready for launch of Ethereum 2.0?

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CoinDCX, an Indian Cryptocurrency development company based in Mumbai that offers instant deposits and withdrawals for free to its users has supported ETH2.0 staking ahead of the highly expected ETH 2.0 launch in December. A minimum of 32 Ether will be required to participate in the ETH 2.0 staking on the platform. The users can stake a minimum of 0.1 ETH or 1000 ETH in a single transaction.

There are two phases planned by the company. The first phase will launch next week while the second phase will make the staked funds liquid for at least a year and will go live in the market a few weeks after the ETH 2.0 staking goes live. CoinDCX will take care of all the aspects like multiple validator management, hardware cost, uptime, and technical infrastructure.

ETH 2.0 is expected to decrease the energy consumption involved in the mining of coins and also allow more scalability on the platform.

CoinDCX has ventured into staking before in August 2020 for altcoins like Harmony (ONE) and QTum (QTUM). They also offer staking for EOS, NEO, TRX, and XTZ. They also organize trading competitions and contests with rich rewards for the users of its platform.

Being one of the largest crypto markets in the world, CoinDCX’s active staking efforts are expected to bear fruit in the future. Staking is similar to buying government bonds in return for a fixed yield.

The returns offered on staking ONE, QTUM, and TRX are 8%, 6%, and 5% respectively and can go to a maximum of 10% which is higher than the interest earned on opening a savings deposit in a bank.

CoinDCX already has an active user base of more than 200,000 along with a whopping 75 billion rupees of cryptos being purchased on its platform.

The benefits of their platform include a user-friendly experience, 24x7 dedicated customer support in multiple languages, limitless trading, ultra-low spreads, sufficient liquidity, and single- point access for multiple products. They offer spot, futures and margin trading for the users.

Users can register themselves on the platform, complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process and place an order.

Compelling reasons to stake on CoinDCX

  • Users need not lock in their funds to earn additional income on their idle cryptocurrency holdings. They can deposit their tokens into their respective wallets and experience consistent inflow of income.
  • This helps them to diversify their portfolio efficiently and earn greater returns on their investments.
  • Traders can also trade on the spot and margin markets of CoinDCX and earn a good source of passive income while waiting for the target price.
  • There are no transaction fees or any hidden charges for doing staking on CoinDCX.
  • The users have to choose the coin they want to stake and the quantity for staking.
  • They should then buy the specific coin or deposit it in their CoinDCX wallet.
  • The users’ funds are protected by multisig cold wallets and an insurance policy provided by Bitgo, worth $100 million.
  • A low minimum balance is enough to participate in staking which will encourage retail investors to do staking.
  • The optimal reward system will be measured by CoinDCX by offering rewards through its partner exchange, Binance or directly on the blockchain network.

So what are you waiting for, team up with a reputed Cryptocurrency development company like CoinDCX and start staking to earn rich rewards soon.

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