Jenkins Add User - How to add and manage user permissions in Jenkins?

Jenkins Add User - How to add and manage user permissions in Jenkins?

How to add new user in Jenkins? How to give permissions to users in Jenkins? How to manage job specific permissions in Jenkins?

In the current IT world, a large number of people work in the organization as well as use tools authorized by the organization. These people are generally called users concerning those tools. As far as Jenkins is concerned, a large number of users use this tool for running the jobs daily but for security as well as authorization purpose, Jenkins admin can not provide all the roles to all the users. So it is highly recommended to manage these users based on their roles. Here, User Management comes into the picture in Jenkins, where Jenkins provides capabilities to add users, edit users, provide different roles to each userJenkins uses various plugins to provide these capabilities for role-based strategies. Let’s understand all these strategies, and corresponding plugins needed for this user management by covering the details under the following topics:

  • What is the Role Strategy in Jenkins?
  • How to install the Role-based strategy plugin in Jenkins?
  • And, how to enable the Role-based Strategy on Jenkins?
  • How to Create a User in Jenkins?
  • How to manage user roles in Jenkins?
  • And, how to assign roles to a user in Jenkins?
  • What is a Project-based Matrix Authorization strategy in Jenkins?
  • How to assign job-specific permissions in Jenkins?


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