Difference Between Next.js vs. Nuxt.js vs. Nest.js

Difference Between Next.js vs. Nuxt.js vs. Nest.js

Are you confused about Next, Nuxt and Nest? So, we have mentioned the differences between these three JavaScript frameworks that will come up use to you.

What exactly is Nuxt JS?

Nuxt JS is a high-level and open-source framework that is free and based on Vue JS, Node JS, Babel JS, and Webpack. This framework comes under universal application that makes use of meta-framework and also creates single page Vue applications.

The primary objective for creating applications with Nuxt JS is to be more flexible while developing any project. It helps the programmers create fast, complicated, and universal web apps easily and quickly.

What exactly is Next JS?

Next JS can be considered to be a JavaScript framework that makes use of React for creating server-side rendering as well as static web apps. According to every Next.JS developer, it happens to be the most effective tool for building websites since it has got some fantastic features and benefits that help make it the best option for developing web applications.

The initial thing that helps make it different from the remaining two frameworks is that it does not require any webpack configuration. Many developers might have proper knowledge regarding React; however, we will mention a brief intro to React, particularly for beginners.

What exactly is Nest JS?

It can be considered to be a framework for creating scalable and effective server-side applications. It happens to be the contemporary JavaScript that has been built using TypeScript and makes use of Express JS. The notable thing that Nest JS provides is that it helps preserve compatibility with JavaScript and the combined elements of Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Functional Reactive Programming.

If a NestJS developer has sufficient knowledge about JavaScript, he will be able to build the most effective application in this framework. The primary objective of Nest JS is to solve the architectural issues of Node JS by offering back-end apps a modular structure to organize code into separate modules. The notable thing to work with Nest JS is that it has been fully built with TypeScript that is quite beneficial when it comes to developing an app.

Learn in details here: https://www.rlogical.com/blog/difference-between-next-js-vs-nuxt-js-vs-nest-js/

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