Launch a Dynamic free Speech Platform Like Parler for a Booming Business

Launch a Dynamic free Speech Platform Like Parler for a Booming Business

Free speech platforms are the new sensation after the shutdown of Parler. That’s why we are here to help you develop a Parler clone, which will present to you the insights.

Without giving it much thought, we can say that popular social media platforms have become active in flagging posts that contain controversial or disputed information. People need a platform that could give them total freedom of speech with almost zero restrictions. That’s when the apps like Parler came to the rescue of many. Now, I am sure that you would have heard this name quite a lot of times in recent days. So, why delay looking at what is it. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Parler is an unbiased and free speech social media app that focuses mainly on protecting users’ rights. Like Twitter, the app allows people to post messages or images, where fellow users approve the post like Twitter’s like function and “echo” the center, just like retweet features in Twitter. The unique selling point or USP of the app is that the app is mainly dedicated to free speech. The users can post anything they desire as far as it is lawful. But due to the violations and controversies that the app had faced, it had been banned from the app stores of both iOS and Android. As the market is still void of any other apps to fill in its place, many entrepreneurs are trying their best to capture the market with Parler Clone apps.

Why consider Parler Clone app development? Though the app was a free speech platform, the standard set by the forum is so high that it booms with users every day. People started shifting from popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc and entered using this app to voice out their opinions without any restrictions. That’s why this is the best time for you to consider developing an app like Parler.

Tour into the app’s functionality Users first log in to the app by registering their personal details like name, age, phone number, and also ID proof. Only after the verification of admin will the user be able to get to use the app. On the Home page, the users can find the contents of the people who the user has followed. They can like, dislike or share similar contents/ messages. Users can create, edit or post content through their profile.

Importance of the Parler Clone app As Parler Clone’s motto is to create a platform that is an alternative to social media platforms, Parler is used for the people who think that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are stifling their freedom of speech. There are many social media platforms that flag the content that come along with the controversy or which are against the terms of service. But with this app, there is no content that can be removed. The users are left to decide whether the content is original or fake in its essence.

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