How to Develop TypeScript NPM Packages for React Native

How to Develop TypeScript NPM Packages for React Native

Exploring TypeScript based NPM development and publishing in the context of React Native. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Develop TypeScript NPM Packages for React Native


This piece explores the development and management of TypeScript-based NPM packages for React Native. It will cover how to configure TypeScript linting and tsconfig for a package to ensure code integrity with useful VS Code extensions and settings to aid in TypeScript development.

An entire section will be dedicated to TypeScript specific development of a package, in addition to visiting a demo packages project that is available on GitHub. But there are other important aspects of developing NPM packages worth considering. Let’s firstly highlight some of those aspects so the reader gets a good intuition of what will be covered throughout this piece.

Package development: standalone vs embedded

Developing packages can either be done in a standalone project or within a project where those packages are installed and used. The latter approach makes sense if you build components for a particular project (a React Native app for example) and abstract those components into packages further down the line as they are needed for other projects.

This ties into the concept of  Agile Development where there may be no concrete roadmap to what components will be abstracted into packages.

The workflow of agile package development.

This approach has the advantage of having package dependencies already in place, such as the peer dependencies that packages may require.

A peer dependency is a dependency a package requires but is not installed within its node modules. Instead, it relies on the installed version of the host project.

We’ll cover the types of dependencies and workspace setup in more detail further down.

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