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Bluehost WordPress Tutorial 2021 [The EASY Way] The Beginners Guide

Welcome to this Bluehost WordPress Tutorial Video

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In this guide I’m gonna be showing you step-by-step how to use bluehost and then how to use wordpress too. WP powers over 40% of all websites online. They recommend BH and they power over 2 million websites.

Check out the Timestamps 👇

00:00 Intro
00:50 Choose Hosting
03:48 Setup Hosting
07:16 Start On WordPress
08:13 Install Theme/Template
10:22 Plugins Explained
15:29 Create First Post
24:47 Create Categories
27:39 Blocks Explained
32:29 Create Menu
38:12 How To Edit Sidebar/Widgets Explained
40:23 Additional Customization
42:12 Wrap Up/Outro

😃 Here’s some of the reasons why I love Bluehost

  • Free website domain

  • $2.65/mo hosting (with my secret tip)

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 24/7 support

  • Free SSL certificate (to verify your website)

  • The most important part, *It’s recommended by Wordpress so it integrates perfectly

  • What exactly is WP?

It is one of the most popular free website building platforms on the internet. It’s loved by so many mainly because of the simplicity it provides. You can be an expert website builder or a complete beginner and still love WP.

The plugins are one of the best part. There are thousands of different plugins that cover everything from security, e-commerce, site builders, social plugins, seo, photo galleries, contact form builders etc etc. There are over 60,000 WP Plugins as of today.

  • Some of my favorite Plugins: (These are also mentioned in this video)
  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Ninja Forms
  • Shared Counts
  • Wordfence
  • Envira Gallery
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Mailchimp for WordPress
  • What you will be learning:

I’ll be teaching you how to setup everything from start to finish and then on to wordpress where we will install a wp theme, change site details like your website title, install plugins, how to create your first post, create a menu for your site, upload images and more. By the end you will know how to setup your own website to make any type of website you want.

The first thing you need to know is what type of website you want to create. It could be a landing page, a blog, e-commerce, magazine website, portfolio, directory, business page or a personal website.

You will have thousands of themes to choose from and also a filter feature you can check out that will help you find the perfect theme. You can search by subject, features and layout. The blocks which will allow you to add videos, upload files and media, create buttons, add your latest comments, insert YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Spotify and any other social platforms.

If you’re new to creating a website in general this guide will ease any worries you may have about that. The simplicity is key and it’s easier to use than you would think.

Learning the basics will give you complete control of your website. You won’t have to contact someone every time you want something done on your website. You will be able to handle it yourself for the most part. As your website grows so will your skills. If you do your own research on them you will quickly find out why it is one of the top website hosting providers for 2021 and beyond. The majority of reviews will show you how it compares to other popular hosting brands.

All of their hosting packages include a control panel. It is easy to use and very similar to cpanel. This is where you can control your hosting when it comes to the packages, renewals, registration and transfers.

They use sitelock to keep your website secure but as I mentioned earlier there are also additional security plugins you can use.

If you follow along with this guide you will learn how to get an additional discount on your hosting by implementing a secret trick I will teach you that will allow you to get hosting for just $2.65/mo.

This is the top hosting provider for many sites out there and they offer a ton of features that can make your website really come to life.

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Bluehost WordPress Tutorial 2021 [The EASY Way] The Beginners Guide