Developing Your First REST API with Python using The Flask Framework

Developing Your First REST API with Python using The Flask Framework

Understanding API, RESTful architecture, HTTP protocol, and developing your first REST API using python with hands-on guide!

API stands for application programming interface; it is an intermediate interface for the website or mobile application to communicate with the backend logic. In simple terms Its like a messenger between requester and provider. A commonly used metaphor is a “waiter.” Think about it. The waiter is a messenger between the customers and the chefs in the kitchen. A waiter can understand the different requirements of customers, pass them to the chefs, and provide the dishes made by chefs back to the customers. Waiters are the essential middleman. The key benefits of waiters are that they can cater to all kinds of customers, and as customers are isolated from the kitchen, the business secrets are preserved(customers can’t steal your recipe). In this example, the waiter acts like an API. The following image illustrates the same.

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Similarly, in computer science, one of the key benefits of having API is encapsulation. . We encapsulate the logic so that people outside won’t be able to see it.

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