The nocode revolution is coming — are you ready for it?

The nocode revolution is coming — are you ready for it?

Predicting a paradigm shift in the (programming) world, and how to not to get left behind in its wake. The nocode revolution is coming — are you ready for it? Predicting a paradigm shift in the (programming) world, and how to not to get left behind ...

Are you a Lego fan?

Lego was my first true obsession. Although I’m a recovering legoholic these days, I once had quite the collection that filled a gargantuan sack from which I could make anything. While I single-mindedly made some sort of spaceships, the point is that I could have made anything.

I have often read it said that the genius of Lego is its modular design. As in – any of its parts can be easily assembled into any other part. But I disagree. The real genius is in the integrity and strength of the connections_ betwee_n components.

Lego removes the _engineering _out of children’s construction projects. As an ex-engineer, I can tell you that this is no trivial feat. With Lego, the integrity and strength of the resulting structure is almost never an issue. They achieve this due to their parts’ high strength to weight ratio and high quality manufacturing leading to tight fits.

You simply don’t hear about Lego parts coming apart or of any Lego constructions failing under their own weight.

Building something with Lego isn’t about ensuring that the structure is sturdy, or finding the right type of fasteners/adhesives for the material.

It’s about letting your imagination fly, and conceptualising the output and finding the right pieces — Lego does the heavy lifting for you.

You can do basically anything with Lego (Photo by HONG LIN on Unsplash)

That is exactly what nocode tools are are doing for creators and businesses by taking the engineering out of app building. And for many of us, we need to consider what that means for the future of our workplaces and our work more broadly. Even if you are someone at a cutting edge of technology as a data scientist. We’ll come back to that, but many of you I am sure are wondering what the heck are nocode tools?

“Nocode” tools are those that allow its users to build software using plain-language options, visuals and other aids things that were traditionally built with code. You might have heard of examples like Zapier, Airtable, or Webflow.

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