Advantages of SAP SD and Its Components

About SAP SD

All purchases, including inquiries, proposals, quotes, pricing, and more, are managed by SAP SD modules. Stock monitoring and administration was greatly aided by the sales and distribution module. System configuration, master data, and transactions are all part of the SAP SD module.

Master data, sales, sales support, shipping and transportation, credit management, billing, sales information system, and so on are some of the SAP SD module’s sub-components. You can learn about these components in detail with the help of SAP SD Training in Gurgaon. The training will be beneficial in gaining logistic and comprehensive knowledge about SAP SD, along with the practical implementation.

Organizational Structure in SAP SD

The given below is the organizational structure in SAP SD module:
• Sales Office
• Sales Group
• Division
• Sales Organization
• Distribution Channel

Components of SAP SD

SAP’s SD module is the company’s most important ERP module. It aids companies in properly managing manufacturing and consumer delivery data and procedures.

The core components of SAP’s Sales and Distribution module are listed below:

• Customer Master Data
• Vendor Master Data
• Shipping of Material
• Billing Related
• Transportation of Products
• Sales Support
• Sales Activities
• Information System
• Credit Management
• Contract Handling and Management
• Foreign Trade

Master Data in SAP SD

Master data serves as the foundation or central data for all transactions. This module keeps track of the whole procedure from the time the order is placed to the time it is paid. Customer master list, inventory master data, production record, credit processing, and price requirements record are all examples of master data used in sales and delivery.

Customer Master Data in SAP SD

A customer master data file includes records about all of the clients with whom they conduct business. It provides, for example, information on all corporate activities and how the system records and executes them.

Distinction Between Transaction Data and Master Data

Master data refers to data that does not vary regularly, such as business data, family data, and so forth, while transaction data refers to data that varies frequently, such as employee data. To put it another way, master data refers to the properties of the objects that are contained in it, while transaction data refers to the transactions that are performed using that object.

Features of SAP SD

The SAP SD module has the following essential features:

Taxation and Pricing: It assists you in determining the price of products and services under varying circumstances, such as a refund or discount provided to a buyer.
Availability Check: Check if a commodity is available in an organization’s inventory.
Billing and Invoice: Assists you with creating billing and invoices.
Material Determination: Assists you in determining the specifics of products based on a given situation.
Credit Management: Credit Management is a system of handling a customer’s credit caps. It can be calculated in two ways: a manual credit checks and an automated credit check.
Account Determination: Assists you in determining consumer information based on a situation category.

Advantages of SAP SD

The below are some of the benefits of SAP SD:
• Keep track of the sales purchases.
• Sales and delivery procedures are well-defined.
• Keeps a record of sales results as well as team success.
• Pre-sale and post-sale procedures should be recorded.
• It assists you with categorizing various sales and processes.
• In a particular framework, effective handling of sales records is possible.


SAP SD is one of SAP ERP’s most significant modules. Organizations may use SAP SD to store and handle consumer and product-related data, pricing, and reviews, among other things. It deals with taking orders for goods and services, accounting, distribution, and transportation.

SAP SD is one of SAP R/3’s most important and widely used modules. SAP SD consultants who have completed SAP SD training are in high demand as well. You will study SAP SD online training course at your own pace with SAP SD Course in Noida, which is one of the best in the industry.

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