Elias  Ortiz

Elias Ortiz


🔥 Blazingly Fast Console.log in VSCode 🔥

Learn how to set up lightning fast console logs in VS Code. This extension will save you a TON of time.


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🔥 Blazingly Fast Console.log in VSCode 🔥
Elias  Ortiz

Elias Ortiz


🔥 Blazingly Fast Console.log in VSCode 🔥

Learn how to set up lightning fast console logs in VS Code. This extension will save you a TON of time.


Using Azure Log Analytics Workspaces to collect Custom Logs from your VM


We all have seen the Monitoring Tab Key Metrics on the VM Page. Yes, it is useful to see whether the CPU has been running or not through the **CPU **metrics, to check when the VM is getting the data from the outside world through Network In metrics and if the VM is doing any kind of write operation using **Disk Operations/Sec **metrics but it’s not effective for the custom services that we build on VM. So, in this blog, I will be giving you an example of how to create your own log based on customer service, bring it to Azure Log Analytics Workspace using its default agent, and query it according to our needs, even better create an alert on it.


  1. An Azure Account
  2. Azure Virtual Machine Service
  3. Azure Log Analytics Workspace Service
  4. Azure Alert Service

Azure Virtual Machine:

Let’s start with the VM itself. You already have the service running on the VM but don’t know how to get those logs into the portal or even create a log for your services. So, let’s assume that you have not created the logs for your services. So for this blog, I will be taking a simple flask app as my example for the service. To get it up and running we must download the flask library from pip and then create a flask app similar to this below:

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To Log, or Not to Log, That is The Question.

Logging is one of the those things are universally present in software projects with their different unique forms, requirements, and flavors.

Logging is everywhere, from small 1-person-startups to large enterprises. Even a simple algorithmic programming question involves some logging along the way.

We rely so much on logging to develop, maintain, and keep our programs up and running. However, not much attention has been paid to how to design logging within our systems.

Often times, logging is treated as a second thought – it’s only sprinkled into source code upon implementation like some magic powder that helps lighten the day-to-day operational abyss in our systems.

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Wiley  Mayer

Wiley Mayer


How to Install Logstash | Liquid Web

Logstash is a free, open source, server-side data collection and processing engine which uses dynamic pipelining capabilities. It takes in information from multiple data sources, reconstructs it, and then sends it to a destination of our choice. Logstash also cleans and modifies the data for use in an advanced outbound analytics and visualization use cases. It is the L in the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) and is typically responsible for sending data to Elasticsearch.

Effectively administrating Linux systems requires familiarity with the locations of and possible contents of logs. Application and system-level logs provide insight into an application’s behavior or the system that might not be apparent on the surface. When many cooperating systems each provide their logs, aggregating, and processing that information becomes imperative. This is where Logstash shines.

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Building My First VSCode Extension

It’s a fantastic journey of how much a person can learn when he tries to do new things. That is pretty much the same feeling I had when I started writing my first VSCode Theme extension (Flutter Light Theme). It was amazing how much control we can have on its look and feel. Below are some of the things that I found easier while developing/deploying my theme.

  • Creating the VSCode Extension ( Predefined Yeoman generator )
  • Testing your Extension
  • Updating colors
  • Publishing the extension

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