What is difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

What is difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

OneDrive for Business is an Office 365 service that allows us to save our work documents in SharePoint Online synchronized with our devices. Taking advantage of the capabilities of SharePoint Online, we can securely store our files and share them...

OneDrive for Business is an Office 365 service that allows us to save our work documents in SharePoint Online synchronized with our devices. Taking advantage of the capabilities of SharePoint Online, we can securely store our files and share them with our colleagues with customers or external partners.

So far, we have a service similar to SharePoint that competes in price and storage capacity.

When comparing cloud-based file sharing systems, you'll want to compare pricing, storage, and file sharing capabilities. Independent plans vary from $ 5 to $ 12.50 per month / user. If you purchase Office 365, OneDrive is included in that subscription, as well as a large number of other powerful Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Those plans cost between $ 8 and $ 35 per user / month..

From a security point of view, it seems that the two products have functioned and have multiple certifications that guarantee the encryption, availability, and information that we store. Apparently, there is a service level agreement with OneDrive in which Microsoft is committed to 99.9% uptime and provides an integrated legal framework by an agreement with the data protection agency.

But what difference does OneDrive have to being the most appropriate service for our company?

OneDrive for Business is an Office 365 service and for this reason, there are additional features that depend on it, such as search, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Azure Active Directory or Information Rights Management.

Search in OneDrive for Business uses the Enterprise Search service for SharePoint Online and you can search document metadata and its contents.

Information Rights Management is an Office 365 service that allows us to define security rules Document types:

• Unable to download document • It cannot be sent by email to people outside the organization.

Certainly, we can find a lot of difference in favour of, or in favour of, OneDrive vs. Dropbox or other similar SiteCore CMS Development Services, however, both of these seem fundamental and necessary for a company looking for information discovery and document security.

On the other hand, talking about SharePoint, it is defined as a Microsoft-owned web application platform that plays the role of a multipurpose tool that can meet all the common web requirements of any company. It is seriously integrated with the tools in the Microsoft suite and provides users with an interface that is similar to Microsoft Office. Furthermore, it is designed in a style that even a normal user can have control over web tools and functions without any technical knowledge. SharePoint development services have the potential to include a wide variety of sites, extranet and intranet portals, social media services, document and file management, business intelligence tools, and company search.

In addition, SharePoint also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with enterprise application software such as ERP, which is enterprise resource planning, CRM meaning customer relationship management. Combined with various capabilities, SharePoint Consulting provides the company with the following features:

Website Administration:

With the help of SharePoint website administration, you can simply change and modify the content of a web page, apply new and modern designs or themes, remove and add interactions, a site and Many can create documents they are offline and many more. In addition, it also allows you to customize the user experience with multilingual interface support and user tagging tools.

Content Management:

It is imbibed with CMS, which means a content management system, solid search and social capabilities; SharePoint can also make managing company content easy and simple. They are known to increase productivity and value of information from a centralized platform with simple document management, web content, critical records and rich media.

Community Management:

SharePoint Development provides the best collaboration tools that allow you to share different ideas, explore business information, experience and discover people. In addition, it provides private control, as well as security, analysis, detailed reports, as well as centralized control of policies that allow for maximum security for people working together.


This special feature of SharePoint allows everyone to access the business information needed to make a better decision while growing their business. Furthermore, with multiple interactive panels and multiple dashboards, a user can only use such information in business applications, reports and databases according to their specific demands.

Search: This function allows the user to search for the best results in related sites, people and communities, very quickly.

SharePoint comes with firm governance, consistency, and structure around functionality, it is a great tool for communicating and sharing documents with large groups. You can still see who has viewing and editing rights. However, SharePoint's standard structure and functionality can also delay response time, so it works best when it comes to company-wide documents that don't require immediate response, such as training, policies, and Template. SharePoint is an excellent place to store and reference these types of documents.

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