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Shoes cares and tips

It's the ideal time to showcase your toes this summer. Flip-flops are a great option for getting a fresh pedicure in the sun. No matter if you're looking for a comfy, beach-ready rubber option or a stylish best flip flop for women, the summer is here! Solethreads has the best flip flops for women.


Did you know that sandals have been in use for more than 8000 years?

Though sandals can be described as simple footwear, they are also very sturdy.

There are a few aspects of caring for your sandals that are equal across all types of sandals, but when it comes to cleaning, you'll have to pay particular attention to the material of your shoes to ensure that it is cleaned properly.

Read on to discover some great ways to care for your sandals.

Sandal Maintenance

It is essential to stop the damage from occurring before it occurs. It's not about avoiding water puddles on your suede shoes however, it's about finding the appropriate protection against dirt, water and other substances that can put your shoes at risk.

For suede sandals, we suggest buying a water-repellant made specifically for suede. They will last for years and should only be used occasionally by some brands.

Importantly, if your sandals come with cleaning and care instructions make sure you read and follow them because certain sandals are constructed with special technology. Your manufacturer will know the best way to care for the particular sandal you have.

Cleaning Your Sandals

Certain things are unclean, no matter the type of sandal you choose. These suggestions can assist with regular maintenance.

A soft-bristled toothbrush is all you need to clean dirt off any kind of sandal. The thick-bristle brush is the best choice for getting rid of dirt and mud from both the sole of your sandal as well as between the straps. we suggest using the bristled brushes prior to applying any kind of liquid cleaner or liquid on your sandals.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean your sandal's footbeds. Rub rubbing alcohol on the feet and wipe with a damp cloth. It will cleanse your feet of grime, dirt and other bacteria.

Dry your sandals naturally after you have cleaned them. It is not recommended to put any type of sandal in an electric dryer.

Leather Cleaning

With no risk to the leather, you can remove your leather sandals by using water and vinegar. It is possible to use equal quantities of water and white vinegar to cleanse the sandals' leather. After you've cleaned them let them air dry.

Apply a conditioner for leather to your shoes after they have dried completely. Apply a few drops to a dry, clean cloth to wash off any stain or dirt. Apply the conditioner to leather in an easy circular motion.

Cleaning Canvas

If your sandals are made of canvas, then you could use baking soda and water to clean the shoes. A paste can be created by mixing equal amounts of baking soda with water. The paste can be applied with an old toothbrush.

To clean up stains and dirt Utilize the toothbrush to apply the paste. Set the sandals in cool water to wash off the paste.

Flip Flops for Cleaning Rubber

summer flip-flops are the least maintenance alternative. They can be tossed in the washing machine with a bit of white vinegar and detergent and use the usual cycle.

Cleaning Suede

To protect your suede sandals from water-based stains it is possible to spray a water repellent. If possible, clean your suede shoes with the help of a suede cleaner.

To clean suedes, you can make use of sandpaper and rubbing. The removal of stains is as simple as the gentle application of rubbing alcohol onto the cotton ball. A quick buffing using Sandpaper is also an effective method of getting rid of grime and dirt.

Sandal Care to Rid of Odors

The sandals you wear our naked feet in the heat, and you sweat. It's not shocking that sandals tend to pick up unpleasant odours when worn enough. But, there are ways to eliminate the odours.

Baby powder is effective in the absorption and elimination of odours from your shoes. To absorb moisture and prevent odours, you can sprinkle baby powder over your sandals' footbeds.

You might also try placing the softener fabric sheet inside the sole of your sandals, and tie them in a plastic bag. Let it dry overnight to ensure that the smell of fabric softener is absorbed into your sandals.

Essential oils such as sandalwood and cedarwood are able to remove odours as well. To keep your shoes smell fresh and earthy, add some drops of essential oils to the sole.

The smell of bad breath can be created when you wear the same pair of sandals every single day. So, give your sandals the time to air dry a few times per week and you'll notice they'll smell better as time passes.

Sandals with low maintenance

Sandal care involves knowing how to clean your sandal and taking preventative measures for certain materials. To prevent dirt, odours and grime accumulation in your sandals, you must take care to clean your feet. By following the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures the sandals will last a lot longer and will last as long as the manufacturer would have you believe.

If you are looking for low-maintenance products that are durable, then you have to visit websites. For a complete listing of our offerings, click here.


इस गर्मी में अपने पैर की उंगलियों को दिखाने का आदर्श समय है । धूप में ताजा पेडीक्योर पाने के लिए फ्लिप-फ्लॉप एक बढ़िया विकल्प है । कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि आप एक आरामदायक, समुद्र तट-तैयार रबर विकल्प या महिलाओं के लिए एक स्टाइलिश सर्वश्रेष्ठ फ्लिप फ्लॉप की तलाश कर रहे हैं, तो गर्मियों में यहाँ है! सोलेथ्रेड में महिलाओं के लिए सबसे अच्छा फ्लिप फ्लॉप है ।

क्या आप जानते हैं कि सैंडल 8000 से अधिक वर्षों से उपयोग में हैं?
हालांकि सैंडल सरल जूते के रूप में वर्णित किया जा सकता, वे भी बहुत मजबूत हैं ।
आपके सैंडल की देखभाल के कुछ पहलू हैं जो सभी प्रकार के सैंडल में समान हैं, लेकिन जब सफाई की बात आती है, तो आपको यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए अपने जूते की सामग्री पर विशेष ध्यान देना होगा कि यह ठीक से साफ हो ।
अपने सैंडल की देखभाल के कुछ बेहतरीन तरीके खोजने के लिए पढ़ें ।
चप्पल रखरखाव
क्षति होने से पहले होने वाली क्षति को रोकना आवश्यक है । यह आपके साबर जूते पर पानी के पोखर से बचने के बारे में नहीं है, हालांकि, यह गंदगी, पानी और अन्य पदार्थों के खिलाफ उचित सुरक्षा खोजने के बारे में है जो आपके जूते को खतरे में डाल सकते हैं ।
साबर सैंडल के लिए, हम सुझाव देते हैं कि विशेष रूप से साबर के लिए बनाया गया पानी-रिपेलेंट खरीदें । वे वर्षों तक रहेंगे और केवल कुछ ब्रांडों द्वारा कभी-कभी उपयोग किया जाना चाहिए ।
महत्वपूर्ण रूप से, यदि आपके सैंडल सफाई और देखभाल के निर्देशों के साथ आते हैं, तो सुनिश्चित करें कि आप पढ़ते हैं और उनका पालन करते हैं क्योंकि कुछ सैंडल विशेष तकनीक के साथ निर्मित होते हैं । आपके निर्माता को आपके पास मौजूद विशेष चप्पल की देखभाल करने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका पता चल जाएगा ।
अपने सैंडल की सफाई
कुछ चीजें अशुद्ध हैं, कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि आप किस प्रकार की चप्पल चुनते हैं । ये सुझाव नियमित रखरखाव में सहायता कर सकते हैं ।
एक नरम-ब्रिसल वाला टूथब्रश आपको किसी भी तरह की चप्पल से गंदगी को साफ करने की आवश्यकता है । मोटी-ब्रिसल ब्रश आपके चप्पल के एकमात्र और साथ ही पट्टियों के बीच गंदगी और कीचड़ से छुटकारा पाने के लिए सबसे अच्छा विकल्प है । हम अपने सैंडल पर किसी भी प्रकार के तरल क्लीनर या तरल को लागू करने से पहले ब्रिसल ब्रश का उपयोग करने का सुझाव देते हैं ।
अपने चप्पल के फुटबॉलों को साफ करने के लिए रबिंग अल्कोहल का उपयोग करें । पैरों पर रगड़ शराब रगड़ें और एक नम कपड़े से पोंछ लें । यह जमी हुई मल, गंदगी और अन्य बैक्टीरिया के अपने पैरों को साफ करेगा ।
अपने सैंडल को साफ करने के बाद स्वाभाविक रूप से सुखाएं । इलेक्ट्रिक ड्रायर में किसी भी प्रकार की चप्पल डालने की सिफारिश नहीं की जाती है ।
चमड़े की सफाई
चमड़े के लिए कोई जोखिम नहीं है, आप पानी और सिरका का उपयोग करके अपने चमड़े के सैंडल निकाल सकते हैं । सैंडल के चमड़े को साफ करने के लिए समान मात्रा में पानी और सफेद सिरका का उपयोग करना संभव है । साफ करने के बाद उन्हें हवा में सूखने दें ।
पूरी तरह से सूखने के बाद अपने जूते के लिए चमड़े के लिए एक कंडीशनर लागू करें । किसी भी दाग या गंदगी को धोने के लिए सूखे, साफ कपड़े पर कुछ बूंदें लगाएं । एक आसान परिपत्र गति में चमड़े के लिए कंडीशनर लागू करें ।
सफाई कैनवास
यदि आपके सैंडल कैनवास से बने हैं, तो आप जूते साफ करने के लिए बेकिंग सोडा और पानी का उपयोग कर सकते हैं । पानी के साथ बेकिंग सोडा की समान मात्रा को मिलाकर एक पेस्ट बनाया जा सकता है । पेस्ट को पुराने टूथब्रश से लगाया जा सकता है ।
दाग और गंदगी को साफ करने के लिए पेस्ट लगाने के लिए टूथब्रश का उपयोग करें । पेस्ट को धोने के लिए सैंडल को ठंडे पानी में सेट करें ।
रबर की सफाई के लिए फ्लिप फ्लॉप
ग्रीष्मकालीन फ्लिप-फ्लॉप कम से कम रखरखाव विकल्प हैं । उन्हें वॉशिंग मशीन में थोड़ा सफेद सिरका और डिटर्जेंट के साथ फेंक दिया जा सकता है और सामान्य चक्र का उपयोग किया जा सकता है ।
सफाई साबर
अपने साबर सैंडल को पानी आधारित दाग से बचाने के लिए पानी से बचाने वाली क्रीम स्प्रे करना संभव है । हो सके तो साबर क्लीनर की मदद से अपने साबर जूते साफ करें ।
सूड को साफ करने के लिए, आप सैंडपेपर और रगड़ का उपयोग कर सकते हैं । दाग को हटाना उतना ही सरल है जितना कि कपास की गेंद पर शराब को रगड़ने का कोमल अनुप्रयोग । सैंडपेपर का उपयोग करके एक त्वरित बफ़िंग भी जमी हुई गंदगी और गंदगी से छुटकारा पाने का एक प्रभावी तरीका है ।
गंध से छुटकारा पाने के लिए चप्पल की देखभाल
सैंडल आप गर्मी में हमारे नग्न पैर पहनते हैं, और आपको पसीना आता है । यह चौंकाने वाला नहीं है कि सैंडल पर्याप्त पहने जाने पर अप्रिय गंध उठाते हैं । लेकिन, गंध को खत्म करने के तरीके हैं।
बेबी पाउडर आपके जूते से गंध के अवशोषण और उन्मूलन में प्रभावी है । नमी को अवशोषित करने और गंध को रोकने के लिए, आप अपने सैंडल के फुटबेड पर बेबी पाउडर छिड़क सकते हैं ।
आप सॉफ्टनर फैब्रिक शीट को अपने सैंडल के एकमात्र के अंदर रखने की कोशिश कर सकते हैं, और उन्हें प्लास्टिक की थैली में बाँध सकते हैं । यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए रात भर सूखने दें कि कपड़े सॉफ़्नर की गंध आपके सैंडल में अवशोषित हो ।
आवश्यक तेलों के रूप में इस तरह के चंदन और cedarwood कर रहे हैं को दूर करने में सक्षम odors के रूप में अच्छी तरह से. अपने जूते को ताजा और मिट्टी की गंध रखने के लिए, एकमात्र में आवश्यक तेलों की कुछ बूंदें जोड़ें ।
सांसों की बदबू तब पैदा हो सकती है जब आप हर एक दिन एक ही जोड़ी सैंडल पहनते हैं । इसलिए, अपने सैंडल को प्रति सप्ताह कुछ बार हवा में सूखने का समय दें और आप देखेंगे कि समय बीतने के साथ वे बेहतर गंध लेंगे ।
कम रखरखाव के साथ सैंडल
चप्पल की देखभाल में यह जानना शामिल है कि आपकी चप्पल को कैसे साफ किया जाए और कुछ सामग्रियों के लिए निवारक उपाय किए जाएं । अपने सैंडल में गंदगी, गंध और जमी हुई गंदगी को रोकने के लिए, आपको अपने पैरों को साफ करने का ध्यान रखना चाहिए । अनुशंसित सफाई और रखरखाव प्रक्रियाओं का पालन करके सैंडल बहुत लंबे समय तक चलेगा और जब तक निर्माता आपको विश्वास करेगा तब तक चलेगा ।
यदि आप कम रखरखाव वाले उत्पादों की तलाश कर रहे हैं जो टिकाऊ हैं, तो आपको वेबसाइटों पर जाना होगा । हमारे प्रसाद की एक पूरी सूची के लिए, यहां क्लिक करें.

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5 Top Web Design and Development Tips for an Awesome Web App

First impression is the last impression. This statement is absolutely correct when we talk about web design and development. In this blog, let us talk about the tips for a great web web app.

Web application development has come a long way since the beginning of the World Wide Web. The web environment today uses HTML and CSS to view data and content to users while JavaScript is used to interact with the client.

Did you know that when a visitor arrives on your website, you have about five seconds (or less) to capture their attention and keep them where they are? That’s not a whole lot of time to impress someone, so if your load time is not perfect or your site’s navigation is all over the place, you can say goodbye to your visitors.

Believe it or not, the rapidly changing world of technology is not helping with this, either. New trends can easily make your website outdated and render it all but useless, leaving you with fewer visitors than you started with.

So, now the below questions arise:

How are you supposed to fix this issue and keep your visitors?

How do you create a website that looks good, functions perfectly, and communicates your message clearly?

Developers and designers have various approaches to improve web design. Regardless of whether you have a perfect, smooth, and proficient site, that doesn’t mean it will suitable always.

You ought to consistently consider site improvement thoughts as time passes by.

Read the full blog here

Web design company in India

#web-design-tips #web-designing-tips #website-design-tips #website-designing-tips #web-development-tips

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Web Designing Tips To Make Your Website A Success - PixelCrayons

Do you know that 38% of your website visitors will stop engaging with your site? Pondering why? It happens because the layout or design of your website is not attractive or appealing. And the website that is not well-designed tends to perform poorly as well as results in higher bounce rates. Web Designing Tips

Website designing can be unexpectedly tricky as in the present time; we need a website that should have not only an appealing and attractive look but also has fantastic usability. It should deliver the right information and establish the company as a brand in the market.

We cannot deny the fact that effective web design is judged by the users of the website. And according to a recent web development stat, 48% of people say that the design of the website is the primary factor in determining the credibility of your business.

You might be thinking about the importance of good web design. To successfully achieve these objectives of effective website design & development, you must follow some principles to stand out amongst the competitors.

Read the full blog here

web designing companies in India

#web-design #web-design-tips #web-designing-tips #website-design-tips #website-designing-tips

How to Install, Run and Delete Applications Inside Docker Containers - Part 2

Following the previous Docker article, this tutorial will discuss how to save a Docker container into a new image, remove a container, and run an Nginx web server inside a container.

How To Run and Save a Docker Container

1. In this example, we will run and save an Ubuntu-based Docker container where the Nginx server will be installed. But before committing any changes to a container, first start the container with the below commands which updates and installs Nginx daemon into Ubuntu image:

# docker run ubuntu bash -c "apt-get -y update" 
# docker run ubuntu bash -c "apt-get -y install nginx" 

Install Nginx on Ubuntu Docker Container
Install Nginx on Ubuntu Docker Container

If you get error ‘E: Unable to locate package nginx‘, then you need to connect to a container with interactive CLI and install nginx as shown.

# docker run -it ubuntu bash
# apt install nginx
# exit

2. Next, after Nginx package is installed, issue the command docker ps -l to get the ID or name of the running container.

# docker ps -l

Find Docker Container ID Name
Find Docker Container ID Name

And apply changes by running the below command:

# docker commit 5976e4ae287c ubuntu-nginx

Here, 5976e4ae287c represents the container ID and ubuntu-nginx represents the name of the new image that has been saved with committed changes.

In order to view if the new image has been successfully created just run docker images command and a listing of all saved images will be shown.

# docker images

Docker Container Changes
Docker Container Changes

Chances are that the installation process inside the container finishes fast which leads to a non-running container (container is stopped). In this case the docker ps command won’t show any output because no container is running.

In order to be able to still get the container’s id run docker ps -a | head -3 to output the most recent containers and identify the container based on the command issued to create the container and the exited status.

#centos #docker #nginx #redhat #virtualization #centos tips #docker tips #nginx tips #rhel tips #virtualization

How to Open Port for a Specific IP Address in Firewalld

How can I allow traffic from a specific IP address in my private network or allow traffic from a specific private network through firewalld, to a specific port or service on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS server?

In this short article, you will learn how to open a port for a specific IP address or network range in your RHEL or CentOS server running a firewalld firewall.

The most appropriate way to solve this is by using a firewalld zone. So, you need to create a new zone that will hold the new configurations (or you can use any of the secure default zones available).

Open Port for Specific IP Address in Firewalld

First create an appropriate zone name (in our case, we have used mariadb-access to allow access to the MySQL database server).

## firewall-cmd --new-zone=mariadb_access --permanent

Next, reload the firewalld settings to apply the new change. If you skip this step, you may get an error when you try to use the new zone name. This time around, the new zone should appear in the list of zones as highlighted in the following screenshot.

## firewall-cmd --reload
## firewall-cmd --get-zones

Check Firewalld Zone

Check Firewalld Zone

Next, add the source IP address ( and the port (3306) you wish to open on the local server as shown. Then reload the firewalld settings to apply the new changes.

## firewall-cmd --zone=mariadb-access --add-source= --permanent
## firewall-cmd --zone=mariadb-access --add-port=3306/tcp  --permanent
## firewall-cmd --reload

Open Port for Specific IP in Firewalld

Open Port for Specific IP in Firewalld

Alternatively, you can allow traffic from the entire network ( to a service or port.

## firewall-cmd --zone=mariadb-access --add-source= --permanent
## firewall-cmd --zone=mariadb-access --add-port=3306/tcp --permanent
## firewall-cmd --reload

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Wilford  Pagac

Wilford Pagac


23 CentOS Server Hardening Security Tips - Part 2

If the setuid and setgid bits are set on binary programs, these commands can run tasks with other user or group rights, such as root privileges which can expose serious security issues.

Often, buffer overrun attacks can exploit such executables binaries to run unauthorized code with the rights of a root power user.

# find /  -path /proc -prune -o -type f \( -perm -4000 -o -perm -2000 \) -exec ls -l {} \;

To unset the setuid bit execute the below command:

# chmod u-s /path/to/binary_file

To unset the setgid bit run the below command:

# chmod g-s /path/to/binary_file

22. Check for Unowned Files and Directories

Files or directories not owned by a valid account must be deleted or assigned with permissions from a user and group.

Issue the below find command to list files or directories with no user and group.

# find / -nouser -o -nogroup -exec ls -l {} \;

23. List World-Writeable Files

Keeping a world-writable file on the system can be dangerous due to the fact that anyone can modify them. Execute the below command in order to display word-writeable files, except Symlinks, which are always world-writeable.

# find / -path /proc -prune -o -perm -2 ! -type l –ls

24. Create Strong Passwords

Create a password of a minimum of eight characters. The password must contain digits, special characters, and uppercase letters. Use pwmake to generate a password of 128 bits from /dev/urandom file.

# pwmake 128

25. Apply Strong Password Policy

Force the system to use strong passwords by adding the below line in /etc/pam.d/passwd file.

password required pam_pwquality.so retry=3

Adding the above line, the password entered cannot contain more than 3 characters in a monotonic sequence, such as abcd, and more than 3 identical consecutive characters, such as 1111.

To force users to use a password with a minimum length of 8 characters, including all classes of characters, strength-check for character sequences and consecutive characters add the following lines to the /etc/security/pwquality.conf file.

minlen = 8
minclass = 4
maxsequence = 3
maxrepeat = 3

26. Use Password Aging

The chage command can be used for user password aging. To set a user’s password to expire in 45 days, use the following command:

# chage -M 45 username

To disable password expiration time use the command:

# chage -M -1 username

Force immediate password expiration (user must change the password on next login) by running the following command:

# chage -d 0 username

27. Lock Accounts

User accounts can be locked by executing the passwd or usermod command:

# passwd -l username
# usermod -L username

To unlock accounts use the -u option for passwd command and -U option for usermod.

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28. Prevent Accounts Shell Access

To prevent a system account (ordinary account or service account) to gain access to a bash shell, change root shell to /usr/sbin/nologin or /bin/false in the /etc/passwd file by issuing the command below:

# usermod -s /bin/false username

To change the shell when creating a new user issue the following command:

# useradd -s /usr/sbin/nologin username

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29. Lock Virtual User Console with vlock

vlock is a program used for locking one multiple session on Linux console. Install the program and start locking your terminal session by running the below commands:

# yum install vlock
# vlock

30. Use a Centralized System to Manage Accounts and Authentication

Using a centralized authentication system can greatly simplify account management and control. Services that can offer this type of account management are IPA Server, LDAP, Kerberos, Microsoft Active Directory, Nis, Samba ADS or Winbind.

Some of these services are by default highly secured with cryptographic protocols and symmetric-key cryptography, such as Kerberos.

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31. Force Read-Only Mounting of USB Media

Using blockdev utility you can force all removable media to be mounted as read-only. For instance, create a new udev configuration file named 80-readonly-usb.rules in the /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory with the following content:

SUBSYSTEM=="block",ATTRS{removable}=="1",RUN{program}="/sbin/blockdev --setro %N"

Then, apply the rule with the below command:

# udevadm control -reload

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32. Disabling Root Access via TTY

To prevent the root account from performing system log-in via all console devices (TTY), erase the contents of securetty file by typing the following command terminal prompt as root.

# cp /etc/securetty /etc/securetty.bak
# cat /dev/null > /etc/securetty

Remember that this rule does not apply to SSH login sessions

To prevent root login via SSH edit the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the below line:

PermitRootLogin no

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