Node js Elastic Search Tutorial Example From Scratch

Node js Elastic Search Tutorial Example From Scratch

Node js Elastic Search Tutorial Example From Scratch. First we install Elastic search on mac and then use elasticsearch node library to query the data.

Node js Elastic Search Tutorial Example is the today’s main topic.   Elasticsearch  is an open source search engine, which becomes hugely popular due to its high performance and distributed architecture. Elasticsearch  is built on top of the  Apache Lucene , which is a high-performance text search engine library. Although Elasticsearch can perform the storage and retrieval of data, its primary purpose is not to serve as a database. Instead, it is a search engine (server) with the primary goal of indexing, searching, and providing real-time statistics on the data.

Node js Elastic Search Tutorial Example

In this tutorial, we will integrate with Node.js and use it to index and search the data. When data is imported, it immediately becomes available for searching. Elasticsearch is schema-free, stores data in JSON documents, and can automatically detect the data structure and its type. 

Elasticsearch is also entirely API driven. It means that almost any operations can be done via a simple RESTful API using JSON data over HTTP. It has many client libraries for nearly every programming language, including for JavaScript. In this example, we will use an  official client library.

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