Understand Git in 7 minutes

Understand Git in 7 minutes

Understand Git in 7 minutes. Git is the tool that every developer must master. It has 36 million users and 90% market share. An absolute must learn tool for every dev. But in this guide we'll be using GitHub to understand Git.

Git is the tool that every developer must master. It has 36 million users and 90% market share. If you’re not fully up to speed on this marvel, it’s worth investing seven minutes of your time.

Once upon a time

It’s April 2005 and the living legend Linus Torvald is working a lot on his baby:  Linux. He’s been working on it since 1991 and you can imagine : the project is huge. There’s a lot of code. There even more people working on this code. To manage all this mess, Linus was using BitKeeper, a version management system.

The problem with BitKeeper is that it’s proprietary software. This alone deeply annoys a part of the open source community around Linux. On top of that, the free version comes with very painful constraints. As if that wasn’t enough, from one day to the next, the free version of BitKeeper is withdrawn.

Immediately, Linux Torvald is furious and decides to code its own versioning system. Git’s crazy fast development was about to begin.

On April 3, 2005 Linus starts working on Git. On April 6, 2005 he sends an  email full of rage where he announces that he is working on a replacement. On 18 April 2005  the first branch merges are already working! On 29 April 2005 Git starts to be used in some parts of Linux. On June 16, 2005 Git fully supported Linux version 2.6.12.

Soon after, Linus decided to hand over the keys to  Junio Hamano, who made it into version 1.0, which was deployed on December 21, 2005. Today, Git is absolutely everywhere.

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