Artificial Intelligence Emerges as the Superhero of Tech Era

Artificial Intelligence Emerges as the Superhero of Tech Era

Artificial Intelligence featured applications have found a solution to help prevent road accidents, provide healthcare and minimize human trafficking through its technology.

The decade of believing that AI could enslave humans is off

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the world for the better. AI and robotics have existed in fictional stories and movies for a very long time. They were shown both at good and bad lights. However, in the tech era, AI is unfolding its features to be a lifesaver.

Everyone seems to be suddenly interested in AI. It changes the face of products and services it involves. AI has worked as a push-up element in various sectors including business, marketing, agriculture, banking, etc. There is no industry that doesn’t have the touch of AI. Somehow, everyone is a beneficiary of emerging technology.

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