7 Must-Know Typescript Transpiled Features

7 Must-Know Typescript Transpiled Features

Look at the Top 7 features that Typescript can transpile: Optional Chaining, Null Coalesce, Logical Assignment Operator, Well-Known ES6 Features, Private Accessors, Async and Await, Decorators

Typescript is a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a superset of Javascript and adds typing to the language. It has cool features like Type Guards, Mapped Types, and Union Types. It’s great for working with large codebases as its typing provides some more comprehensive contracts from your interfaces.

Typescript does transpile into Javascript. In your tsconfig configuration file, you can specify which is the target language you want it transpiled to. That means you can already work with cutting edge ECMAScript features out of the box.

Let’s look at the Top 7 features that Typescript can transpile.

  • Optional Chaining
  • Null Coalesce
  • Logical Assignment Operator
  • Well-Known ES6 Features
  • Private Accessors
  • Async and Await
  • Decorators

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