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Software Testing Company. QA & Software Testing Services | TestFort

TestFort is the leading QA & software testing company with 18+ years of experience, has been providing a full range of QA & software testing services: manual and automated testing, QA outsourcing and QA consulting. Dedicated team of certified QA engineers can help achieve world-class quality in your projects.

Access to a big pool of talents, low prices, and risk share push businesses to cooperate with third-party testing services. Is there anything more to consider? Here are the main reasons why you should be outsourcing your quality assurance and software testing!

  1. ACCESS TO INNOVATION When a company focuses on a single sphere, it gains experience and expertise. This lets the teams find and test innovative approaches in QA services. Third-party application testing companies have all means for educating each engineer and allowing them to invent new methodologies, use the latest stacks for work.

  2. COST REDUCTION You pay only for third party testing services, and you don’t bother about administrative routine (office space, hardware, taxes, vacations, etc.). Another thing that makes the cost lower is the difference in hourly rates. If you hire QA engineers locally, you will probably may much more for the services than if you find a remote team from Eastern Europe.

  3. SHORT TIME-TO-MARKET Most third party software testing companies have a predefined workflow that makes their work efficient in a matter of time. There’s no need to educate the team or waste time until they plan their work – a remote team can dive into the testing routine right away. Therefore, the final release of the product can be sooner.

  4. ACCESS TO SKILLED TESTERS A lack of QA engineers is a common problem for many regions. When you find third party application testing companies, you get a full team for your project. Even if there’s a need to find a few more people into the team, HRs usually have a list of candidates that can join the project on demand. This lets you access as many qualified and experienced engineers as you need for successful project deployment.

  5. HIGH QUALITY Here we mean that engineers have a wide variety of tools and devices to run tests of the software. There’s no need to use emulators instead of real devices and operating systems. High quality of services is also possible thanks to a continuous self-education. Remote companies understand that they can keep a competitive edge for many years only if they take care of the team’s education and work-life balance. Other factors also influence the productivity of each team player.

THE BOTTOM LINE Outsourcing is useful only if you consider this type of cooperation to be efficient for your business model. This rule refers to any kind of service. It’s not a panacea, and it’s not about getting rid of responsibilities – it’s about sharing the risk and getting a high quality of the final product.

Cooperation with a remote QA team will let you focus on your core business tasks and benefit from it. If you want to find out the name of the best testing company, we will tell you. Just drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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