The 7 Flutter Packages I Can’t Live Without

The 7 Flutter Packages I Can’t Live Without

Some Flutter packages are simply must-includes in Flutter apps — here’s a list of 7 of them, what they do and why: Hive / hive_flutter, fluttertoast, pedantic, auto_route, json_serializable, google_sign_in, and flutter_bloc

Some Flutter packages are simply must-includes in Flutter apps — here’s a list of 7 of them, what they do and why.

Some Flutter packages are must-includes in each flutter project I create, because they make development so much easier.

Whether it be because they make local data storage easy, or allow you to completely replace parts of your app with a single package, there are some packages that I automatically include in my Flutter projects before I even start coding.

If you’re working on an app and want to release your app quickly, you’re going to want to know about these Flutter packages.

If there are any packages that are must-includes for you, leave a comment and let me know — I’m always looking to learn!

NOTE: All packages are now null safety!

  • Hive / hive_flutter
  • fluttertoast
  • pedantic
  • auto_route
  • json_serializable
  • google_sign_in
  • flutter_bloc

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