React State Object updating without setState

React State Object updating without setState


class FilterMenu extends Component {
    this.state = { 
        min: 0,
        max: this.getFormatedPrice(this.props.category_maxPrice,false),
        minValue: '',
        maxValue: '',
        searchTerm: '', 
        data: this.props,
        checkedBoxes: [],
        initialFilters: this.props.filters,
        filters: this.props.filters,   

    this.onInputChange      = this.onInputChange.bind(this);


    let substr =;

    {(() => {
        var targetFilter =;
        var initialFilterItems = this.initialFilters[targetFilter].items;
        var newFilters = _.extend({}, this.state.filters);
        newFilters[targetFilter].items = initialFilterItems.filter(function(item){
            return item.title.toLowerCase().search( !== -1;
        this.setState({ filters: newFilters });


I just want to update "filters" state, which holds some data from "initialFilters". But when I use this.setState({ filters: newFilters }), it's updating "initialFilters" also

Appreciate your support.

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